Calling all 2014 brides - what have you done so far?
Also, how long have you been engaged? We just got engaged on Christmas Day 2012 and have jumped right into planning our wedding for 13 June 2014!!! We are getting mixed opinions on starting to plan so early, but in order to make this work financially the way we want it to, we have to start saving and planning 18 months out. Plus, God willing, this is the only time I'll be engaged in my whole life. So I want to enjoy this time and all the engagement fun that goes with it!

So, what have you ladies done so far? We've met with our venue of choice and selected a date, but haven't put down our initial deposit to formally reserve it yet. I also have an appointment this weekend to look at wedding dresses! I've selected a vague, to-be-defined color palette and also formally asked my MOH to stand with me. Anyone else trying to get ahead of the curve?!

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Courtney F
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Congrats on your engagement! We got engaged on Christmas 2011! We started planning right after we got engaged because things book really fast in our area. We actually booked our venue in January 2012 for our April 2014 wedding! We also have our photographer, DJ, church, officiant, photo booth, videographer, hair/makeup stylists all booked. I have my dress and veil, and FH's mom bought our toasting flutes/cake cutting set for Christmas! We are very organized and are taking a little break for the next few months and will probably get back into planning in the spring!

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That's awesome that so muchof your wedding is already planned! I am SO not a procrastinator, I would much rather have everything done way in advance so that I can shift my focus to the details :) And it'll be nice to take a break down the road if/when we get burnt out from planning!

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Congrats! We got engaged on August 31, 2012! We have been looking at things, but we haven't booked anything yet. We are going to book the ceremony venue here within the next week or so, as we already have that picked out. Most of his family will be helping us out, as one cousin does invitations, another is a photographer, and his brother in law is a musician. So a lot of that is not finalized but is already in the works. We took a break over Christmas, but plan on really getting down to business now. Uggghhh I feel so behind.

Married: 06/05/2014
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We got engaged in July 2011. We booked our venue in April of 2012 because they book quickly. We also have our photographer and florist. I have my dress. We have our colors and cake flavor chosen. Right now we are in the process of looking for a DJ.

Angel J
Married: 04/19/2014
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Congrats! We got engaged July 6, 2012 and we are getting hitched April 19, 2014. We've booked the venue and bought a few things like the arch, sand jar, and my shoes. Ive designed our invitations. Thats pretty much it except for the plans ive made.

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Congrats on getting engaged!!! We got engaged October 21st,2012 and our wedding is booked for October 3rd.2014. We have our venue all booked and we narrowed down all of our choices to 2 djs and photographers/videographers. I thought it was crazy to start planning our wedding so soon but we actually found out that some places were already booked for our wedding date! CRAZY! Our original wedding date that we wanted was a week after the 3rd but the venue was already booked! We decided that we love the venue so much we could get married a week earlier. If I were you Id start looking at places and taking notes and reading reviews and setting up appointments. You can never start planning your big day too early!

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Glad to see some of you have already started contacting photographers - I have one in mind that I'd LOVE to get, the only reason I hadn't contacted her was because I thought it was too early! I suppose I can always call to get a price quote, just to see if we can even afford her!

Lady Firefly
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I think its def not too early to start planning!
We are planning for April 12 2014 and have our venues booked and I have the dress. I have contacted a few photographers and plan to meet with a florist this month but other then that I am not too pushed to do anything else at this time. Too many ladies on here give so many ideas and I dont want to commit yet to any ideas yet, so slow and steady for me. I am sure I will be one of those scramble brides!
Good luck planning and Congrats!

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@ Angel, that's FH birthday! We got engaged on November 19, 2011, and are getting married on July 19, 2014 (about 2.5 year engagement) I know it's long but i'm in my second year of teaching so my first big girl job and I will be paying for half of our 20,000 day all by my lonesome, FH has 0 extra dollars at the end of a paycheck after bills, my parents are paying for the other half. Wen needed time to save :) I have photographer booked and deposit down, I have color pallet (carribean blue and orange), theme (country chic), venue picked (deposit going down saturday), venue provides: limo, DJ, food, flowers, centerpieces, linens. We are DIYing invites and did the trial run tuesday so we know what we are doing we just need finalize the design, guestbook comes from photographer from our engagement shoot, so that will be done this summer, escort cards/favors idea is done we just need to buy the stuff and put it together. Honeymoon picked out just need to book it (a friend of ours is

Married: 07/19/2014
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cont.. Letting us use their condo for a week in puerto rico :).... decided on getting my dress this summer, 1 year out. Oh... venue also provides cake and ceremony location... am i missing anything? lol
edit: officient chosen (godfather of a close friend of mine) as well as blessing of the hands ceremony chosen, hair and make up artist is also my MOH
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We got engaged 10-6-12 and really haven't done so much. Alot of talking,budgeting and saving. In April we will put a deposit down on the venue.

I found a photographer but have not put a deposit down yet.

It's pretty much been deciding what we want. I love 2013's my planning year! yay

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CONGRATS! We got engaged on the same day! My Fiance and I have also selected a date, color scheme, our wedding party, ceremony and reception venues. I also already found my wedding dress but that was by pure accident when I was scrolling down a website and saw the most gorgeous dress ever and fell in love.

Some people (like my dad) are telling me that I am getting ahead of myself, but my mother said that there's nothing wrong with planning early and the only reason my dad was saying that was because he isn't paying for the wedding (my parents aren't together). I feel that in order to know ecactly how much to save I need to have a good estimate of how much I will be spending.

Also, about booking a venue so early--it's probably a good idea. People like to book way early now and if you have your eye set on a place, I'd snatch it up before someone else does. That's what we are doing!

I'ts nice to know I'm not the only bride planning so early. Good luck!!

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Congrats. I got engaged Sept 7th, 2012, and started planning immediately. We're scheduled to be married July 4th, 2014 :)

I have everything booked, except the florist and officiant! It's great to book early because you lock in 2012/2013 pricing, you have more time to save and you're able to be a little less stressed about it! Good luck to you!!!

Shout out to all the July 2014 brides! (I think I'm the only one so far on the 4th! lol)

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I got engaged on November 11, 2011 and am getting married on July 19, 2014. So far, I have selected the wedding party, booked my ceremony venue, signed up for pre cana, chose a color scheme, tried on a few dresses, picked my make-up artist and hair stylist, and started looking at possible reception venues.

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Vendors will sometimes give you the rates they charge for the booking year, not the year of your event (as prices generally go up every year) so it's smart to plan early IMO.

Good luck ladies!

Married: 07/19/2014
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@ Amy N! We are date twins and almost engagement date twins!!

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bought my dress and looking into venues, might be picking a venue soon.

Married: 06/27/2014
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Congrationlations on your enagagement!!! My FH and I got engagement On 2/14/12 ♥♥♥ We have already found our venue and i have asked my bestfriend of 9 years to be my MOH i have recieved a yes from 2 Bridemaides so far my FH has his groomsmen and Best man...I am looking for dresses already!!! ALL 2014 BRIDES HAVE A HAPPY PLANNING

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Congratulations on your engagement!! Been engaged almost a year (kind of). But so far have my dress, shoes, veil, photographer others are in the works, we just got our monogrammed shadow box and sand ceremony set, which came today!!! So excited! So keep us informed.

Married: 09/20/2014
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Congratulations! I've been engaged since December 15, 2012 and we set our date for September 13, 2014, hopefully. We "tentatively" selected a venue and I set up meetings with a potential caterer and photographer. I sent out bridesmaids cards today, even though my girls know they will be in the wedding, it's the proper thing to do. My fiance has his best man and groomsmen together. The biggest thing is still deciding between destination wedding or big wedding back at home in Cleveland.
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