Calla Lillies - Price?
Is anyone doing calla lilies for their bouquets or centerpieces? I'm starting to fall in love with the look, especially since I want to do a red/orange/yellow color scheme, but I'm worried they're going to be too expensive.

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Ask people on Craigslist if they have any in their yards they can donate to you. Around here they grow like weeds and everybody has them in their yards. I put up an add asking if anybody could donate some the night before last and I've already had people calling and emailing me. So far there is about 3 dozen that people around town are willing to just give me.

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I Love cala lilies, i think they're very elegant. Im doing my own bouquets and I getting my cala lilies from cosco. I think the bunch which has about 24 in it is either $7.99 0r 15.99. Check with the cosco near u. If you're buying them made they will be a little expensive.

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I am doing callas also! It's a very elegant look and expensive. I checked around for florist prices and they are usually around $10 a stem! I am going to order them from in bulk and they are much cheaper! I read the reviews on their site and they seem to overall be a great product.

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Very lucky Far too excited!!!

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I know, I called around places too and was told I could pay anywhere from $4-$10 per flower and there was no way I was going to pay that much. Again, I'd put an ad up on Craigslist because there are always a lot of nice helpful people out there willing to help.

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You can also ask around your local garden club. I asked the garden club ladies if they had any flowers they could donate and I have one person willing to give roses, another will give some Calli Lilies and a few other ladies offered these other pretty flowers that I just can't remember the name of.

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For calla lilly ideas and calla lilly flowers take alook at;

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im doing callas but im buying them wholesale... so theyre like $2.50 a stem and im getting the bouquets and boutineers together myself.

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Great info! Thanks ladies! Does anyone know when they bloom? My FMIL is a wonderful gardener and maybe she can just grow them herself! But I'm planning an early October wedding, so I don't know if that'll work.

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I am also doing callas and unfortunately I am paying quite a bit for them!! I have a French florist putting together my bouquets, boutannaires and corsages and with tax and all it comes to $ hurts to even type that here!

I went to a wedding last August in which the bride used callas so I do not think you will have an issue with the blooming of them. Great idea by the way to grow your own!!

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I've seen them in bloom almost year round (except not always in winter) but our local weather is a pretty constant 40-70F almost all year.

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I love the red/orange/yellow combo in calla lilies (and I plan to have a few in my bouquet. I've seen so many bulbs at Lowes and such recently for calla lilies and was pretty tempted to attempt growing some myself...but I figured I'd just play it safe and get them from the wholesaler with the rest of the flowers!

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We are doing calla lillies..... I was told that they are cheaper in the spring/summer time.... I would check your local flower mart..You may be able to get them under $2 a stem (at least that is what I was quoted).... My bouquet will have roses, calla lillies and some other flowers and it is costing me $150.. Bridesmaids bouquets will have 3 calla lillies and 5 red roses for $26.... Like the other ladies said check out wholesalers in your area

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I think you have two options here to help cut cost. Maybe find a florist in town that grows them locally or can get them cheap or do a DIY bouquet.
Here's a site where you can buy them in bulk if you want to arrange them yourself or have someone you know do it.
Here's a how to -
Good luck!

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My daughter is also doing calla lilies. My sister and her best friend are doing all of the floral (they are both florists by trade) and it is my sisters wedding gift, so we are not paying for them.

However, she did write up a contract, so we would know what we would have paid.....1 Brides bouquet; 3 BM bouquets; 2 moms tiny bouquets; 5 boutonnieres; 2 large arrangements for the ceremony (which will be moved to the reception room); 9 tall centerpieces for the tables; 1 tossing bouquet.

All of that would come to $1,182.

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Hi Shana,
I do many weddings with Calla lilies and they really are not that expensive. Each stem is more expensive than most other flowers that you may use but because of their size you don't need that many of them.It shouldn't cost any more than it would to use roses. The colors you are using will look gorgeous in a fall wedding.

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Check out our website we just started carrying fresh flower bouquets and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Another good idea is to talk to your local florist. Let them know your wants and the budget you have to work with. Calla lilies are beautiful but costly so you might want to think about mixing them with another flower.

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We bought them from Costco Online for my sister's wedding. I think we got 75 for about $150, they arrived very fresh and we refrigerated them over night.
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