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We have always imagined a tall wedding cake. Not super big but decent height. We recently found out that a 4 tier cake would be about 16 inches high before flowers on the top. Is it just me or is that small? Is it rude to call our baker and ask to double up the size of each layer or something. I know we cannot make it too big because we want it to somewhat match our guest count. ( We still have plenty of time to make changes to this).

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I do not think it is rude to try to get what you want on your wedding day... I think that it really depends on your guest count. 16 inches does seem small to me... but I am not a baker, so I couldn't really tell you. Maybe see about putting pillars in somewhere? As long as you are not rude when you call, and just explain what you are envisioning, it should be fine. Maybe check around and see what is available for you in your area?


Melissa D Weddings
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I've heard of including false layers to give height, instead of baking extra cake. Your baker should be able to decorate the fake layers to match the others.

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I'm not a cake designer but can't you put columns in between each layer to make it higher?


Cakes By Christina
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Cake tiers, on average, are 4" high. So, the 4 tier cake you are having will be 16" high no matter what bakery you choose. If you want a taller cake, I would suggest adding fake tiers. This will give you the height you want, without the extra cake. Fake tiers are SOMETIMES less expensive than cake tiers, but not all bakeries offer a discount. This is because it takes us just as long to decorate a fake tier as it does a real teir.

I would not suggest having taller tiers because there is a good chance they will not fit on the dessert cakes. Caterer's know what the standard height is, and bring plates according to that (4").

Columns, as suggested by Felecia, are another option. I doubt there would be an extra charge for them, but you never know. It all depends on the bakery. If there is a charge for columns it will still be much cheaper than adding fake tiers or extra layers to the tiers.
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