BYO in NY?
Anyone know of some places in NY (preferably outside of the city) where you can BYO alcohol? I looking to have 200 - 300 guests and love the castle idea!!!

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Hi Jennifer. There are lots of castles in Westchester county, specifically in Tarrytown and I think New Hamburgh (also in Greenwich, CT). Although, I dont know their alcohol policy and think it may be difficult to find in NY. If you want to bring your own booze and food perhaps try looking at loft spaces. Good luck!

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Thanks Sarah! I sent an email to the Tarrytown Hudson, but I think it is going to be too expensive. I am trying to avoid having the wedding in NYC, I would like something on the outskirts. Do you know of places in upstate NY?
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Not sure about the castle in NY, but in Manhattan there studio 450 its a indoor and outdoor loft space i have done a few weddings there its really nice. There is also a nic ballroom at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church In New Rochelle, very nice wedding space with a full kitchen. Good luck
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