Bulk Flowers from Sam's or Costco?
Has anyone ever thought about this or used their flower service for an event?

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Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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I shot a wedding for a bride who bought her flowers at Costco a couple of years ago. By the end of the ceremony, everything (literally EVERYTHING) was completely wilted. Some flowers were completely dead by the time we got to the reception hall. This isn't because the flowers were bad or inferior in any way, mind you. It's because they weren't treated to stay alive for a whole day...something you can only get from a professional florist. Plus, professional florists have the capacity to assemble multiple bouquets and everything else you'll need in not much time. Spend the money on a pro florist...it'll be well worth the money.

Chesty LaRue
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I'm getting my flowers from sam's I think their prices are a bit better than Costco and I'm having them sent to a professional she will treat them make my centerpieces deliver them and set up. Call around and see how much it would be if you provide the flowers.

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Great idea Chuwana. Duly noted Brian! Congrats to you both! I had a florist give me a quote for 4300 for flowers and centerpieces. Only 100 guests.....so I was hoping to cut down by budget.

Chesty LaRue
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I was going to originally do it myself, until I started having nightmares about it. I had brought the vases and tealights and mirrors and vase fillers myself. So I sought out a florist and the prices were sky high. I checked craigslist an found my current florist she's great. Total with me buying the flowers and her work it's gonna cost me 1300 for 20 centerpieces.

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I got my flowers at Costco, and they were AMAZING!!! I made my bouquet, three BM bouquets, a FG bouquet, four boutennierres, 20 table centerpieces, and my cake flowers for $100. I had lilies, roses, carnations, sunflowers, greenery, daisies...

The flowers came with a treatment that I had to do myself, and then I stored them in a fridge overnight to keep them fresh, and they lasted several days past the wedding. Don't waste your money on a florist if you have the time and inclination to DIY (it took about two hours to sort and wrap the bouquets and make the centerpieces, and I think my cake lady said it took her about twenty minutes to arrange the cake flowers).

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Something to keep in mind about Chuwana's suggestion: many professional florists would likely NOT accept this kind of assignment. It's not just about them making money. This is their reputation. They likely will want to use only those flowers they purchase from sources they know and trust. They could do the best job possible, but if the flowers are dead or wilting by the time they start working, it would be a complete embarrassment and disgrace to the florist's good name and professional reputation. It would be the equivalent of someone hiring me to shoot their wedding, and then insisting that I use their camera instead of my own. See my point?

Mrs. Roberts
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You can always change the cost by choosing different flowers. Having exotic flowers will cost more than roses and carnations. You can also add more greenery as a filler. I would get a quote from another florist (you should always shop around) and tell them your budget or ask them to explain different prices to you.

Hayley C™
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Have you considered candle centerpieces to cut down your expenses?

You can go on a 7 day cruise in the upgraded balcony suite with that amount of money!

I would seriously think of what is important. Decoration that you will use for 5 hrs and will die - or - a very nice honeymoon.

Maybe cut your order down and get some quotes from other florists.
And maybe use a less expensive flower in the bouquets.

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I know someone who ordered from Sam's - they didn't have complaints. Her flower budget got cut because the church she was getting married at burned down - coincidentally, I am getting married at the rebuilt one in its place, lol.
I am getting mine from a florist, but just ordering them plain. That way they are treated properly, but I am putting them together myself. It's only for the bouquets, though (and when I say myself, I mean getting someone else to do it the morning of the wedding, haha).
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Chesty LaRue
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Again it's up to your florist. Mine accepted the deal there were a few others that did too but their labor was to high but I did not go with the lowest quote I got. And flowers and cameras are two different things. If the flowers are sent fresh how they hold up depends on how they were treated.

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My SIL used costco and we had no problems with keeping them alive!! They were beautiful and I am planning on doing the same the prices are just so much better.

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
Mar 28, 2011 at 4:36 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
That's a big "if", Chuwana...hence my point. Any vendor is going to want to work with his or her choice of materials in order to deliver a high quality product or service. Like I said, our professional image and reputation are on the line. If anything is wrong with the flowers (regardless of who is at fault) and they don't hold up, what would people think of the florist? It won't matter that s/he was working under less than ideal circumstances; people will see wilting or dead flowers and assume the florist does not do good work. Similar things have happened to some of the best professionals I know! People do not take other circumstantial factors into consideration. Then again, Craigslist "pros" (and I use that term loosely) are typically fraught with problems to begin with, so I'd wonder if the florist is operating as an actual business, or if s/he is doing this on the side hoping to make a few bucks.

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My FSIL got her flowers from Costco and her flowers were wilted by the end of the ceremony. And the flowers for the boutonnieres lost their petals. She was very disappointed.

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Mar 28, 2011 at 9:00 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
You all make good points. Brian--I understand what you are saying Brian, however 4300 for flowers is just plain ridiculous no matter WHO does the job. How does the Florist cost more than ANY other vendor?

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
Mar 28, 2011 at 9:50 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Time, labor, and overall cost of doing business, Southern Belle. Above all else, there's what I like to call the "peace of mind" factor that you really only get when you hire a true professional. That is, you can sit back and relax knowing that you're being provided a service by someone who knows what they're doing (as evidenced by a solid portfolio of prior work), and has the resources to get the job done right.

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I am planning on using sams for my flowers and having their florist design everything the day of and then we pick it up. Both of my aunts used them and the flowers turned out absolutely beautiful. I'm going very traditional with my flowers (white roses, daises, and carnations) so hopefully it will all turn out how I want it. I'm going to have them do samples of everything in advance to make sure we are on the same page about everything.
Whatever you decide to do, best of luck!!

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I dont think Brian is trying to tell you 4300 is a fair price, you should definitly shop around. having worked both for a pro florist and out of my home as a freelance florist I would not reccomend costco flowers. Yes, your florist may agree to treat them for longevity, but the treatment process SHOULD begin at the growers. I tend to order from a wholesaler florist when I work freelance. You still get good prices but your flowers come in te condition they need to be in to ast all day.

The last 3 weddings I have done (all roses and orchids too) cost no more than 1200. My own wedding (roses callas and orchids) is running me bout the same. I have a good friend I worked with in flowers designing and she is buying them from a wholesaler.

I know Costco is a wholesaler, but there is a BIG difference between a general wholesaler and a FLORAL wholesaler. Look around. Get quotes from at least 3-5 florists before you choose one.

4300 is completely insane (I read your earlier post, wh

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Mar 28, 2011 at 11:59 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
what you ordered is NOT worth that much no matter how you swing it)

Dont settle for too expensive but dont disappoint yourself with sub par flowers either

PS sorry for grammar and spelling, I am one sick puppy today.......

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I should add, I am getting my flowers from a florist for just the bouquets and putting them together myself - it's costing $100. They are quality flowers that they guarantee to last. I should add I did choose common flowers, otherwise I would probably be spending a LOT more.

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Thank everyone. Brian I want a great service, I just don't want to skip a mortgage payment to do it. (LOL)
I will continue to shop around. God bless you guys for your help! :0)
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