Budget wedding venues in So Cal
I am a budget/diy bride to be and I need suggestions for some inexpensive wedding venues in southern California. I am open to all suggestions/opinions! Thanks :)

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Whereabouts in SO CAL? If you're looking in the SFV, Ventura County and/or Santa Barbara areas... let me know. I might be able to help.


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Where in So Cal? & what kind of wedding are you planning? indoor/ outdoor? themes?

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I am looking into all those places MCDJ. It will be an outdoor wedding with an indoor reception. Black and white themed so semi formal.

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so i was going to suggest my venue, but i already booked it for that date haha & it looks like i'm way more southern than you're looking for [down around riverside county]. if you think you're interested in something this way, feel free to let me know :]

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Riverside isn't bad at all. Can you send me some info please :)

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well not entirely sure of your 'budget', but look at:

- [ www.serendipitygardenweddings.com ]. this one is in oak glen. super gorgeous & all inclusive. if i remember correctly, it was $12,500 for 125 people for practically everything, seriously. photographer, dj, flowers, tables/chairs, etc.

- [ http://hsresort.com ]. also, very pretty & fairly reasonable. it's in cherry valley, but going off my notes from before i settled, they quoted me $8,000 for 200 people that included chairs/tables/linens, cake, & food.

- [ http://menifee-lakes.com/weddings ]. i can't remember the exact quotes on this one, but i remember it being well-priced for a golf course/clubhouse. we even went & looked at this one & i just can't remember haha. very pretty though & they offer a lot or a little depending what you want.

best of luck!

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@ Stephanie and Krystle....How funny is this I am also from So cal and my wedding date is the same.

Here in Riverside we have a beautiful park with a Rose Garden and a boat house. I was going to use them but have since decided to have my wedding in my back yard. I looked at the park and boat house and they are beautiful. I was quoted 1,400 for both 2hours for ceremony site in the garden and 5 hours for reception. However the only thing included were the tables and chairs. Its called Fairmont Park in Riverside

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check out www.penelopedesigns.com that were i went and got one of the venues with her and i love the one i got! the lady is very flexable with the prices an they have a few venues that are outdoor and indoor so check it out!

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Thanks Mrs. Loera I checked out that website and there's really nice set ups there. I just sent an email to them to get more info.
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Here's one you might want to check out: Strathearn Park in Simi Valley. They have a beautiful gazebo in a grassy area with the reception done in the barn...

This is from a wedding we did last September 17th... so this is exactly how how it would look on September 15th!

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Thats very nice MCDJ, could I get a price quote from you for about 75 guests?

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hopefully it helped u =)
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Krystle... I'm just a DJ. However, I think the venue was very reasonably priced. Call them. Strathearn Historical Park in Simi Valley.

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Culver City Events? near Venice beach.. had great prices.. I think it was 5-7000 for 75ppl

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My venue is more central coast but their prices for a beach wedding can't be beat! Around $2500! Sea Crest Resort in Pismo Beach. heres a link!


We are having the ocean front patio wedding with an indoor reception at the Marie Callendars banquet room in front of the hotel, where the room (up to 4 hours) is free you just pay for food which is about $20 per head! We are paying for the wedding and reception and together they are costing us $5250 for 125 people, our wedding was considered "off season" priced!:)

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I was recommended by a family friend to check out LA Banquets, and I suggest you do to. Best recommendation I have ever had. You can choose from multiple venues which suite's you many needs for your special day. Should have a look, and good luck :) xx


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