Hi Ladies!!!
We have been very busy already this year, my fiance is graduating, were getting married, he just got a job offer wow!! And we finally picked a date for our buck and doe. IM getting so EXCITED!! :)

But I am wondering if you have any tips or ideas or themes for a buck and doe and what are good money makers and just any info would be great thanks so much girls!!! Date is June 11th in a community centre.

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we're doing a moustache and mini skirt theme, if the guests come in either they get a ticket to put in a draw for wearing one or both. at the end, we'll do a draw for 6 pack of coronas, bottle opener and beer glasses for the guys and martini glasses, vodka, and a recipe for the girls.
we're also doing a food auction.. unless there's a shower close, it's likely not a popular game.. the groom and I will sit in a kiddy pool with goggles on and the guests get to bid on food like - chocolate syrup, eggs, etc. and at the end - a bag of flour... whoever is the highest bidder gets to pour the items on us.. my friend did this, and made a ton of money and you do it near the end of the night so it keeps ppl sticking around to watch and drink more beer at the very least!
definitely do the twony or loonie toss (assuming you're canadian)... (have the guests toss coins at a texas mickey, closest one wins).
do a jail, ppl put their friends in an area for a $1/minute while you're in jail
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fish insurance, guests pay $1 to be insured, if they don't buy it and win a prize they have to swallow a fish to get the prize...
50/50 draws
an alternative to the food auction is a pie in the face, the bride and groom collect money and whoever has the most doesn't get a whip cream pie in their face.

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I'm a little lost! Would someone PM me the details of this stuff! IT sounds great!!!!

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I'm a little lost! Would someone PM me the details of this stuff! IT sounds great!!!!

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I am lost too. What is a Buck and Doe? Other than deer, of course.

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A buck and doe (or stag and doe) is an event that is to help the bride and groom raise money for their wedding.

Basically, you rent a place, play games, get prizes, food and lots of drinks. Most people make money off of the liquor sales.

We are planning ours too. We have a lock box game. There are like X number of keys and you have to pay whatever to buy a key ($5, $10, etc.). If your key unlocks the box, you get the prize that is inside. We've been told that this is a huge moneymaker. As well, if you play a hockey game where the highest scorer gets a prize, that will make money too. Make sure that you have a lot of alcohol prizes too, as those will make you a lot of money.

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Ah, that must be a regional thing. Where I live, this would not be done. People pay for their own weddings.

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i just learned a new thing! I had no idea you could have a wedding fundraiser. that's awesome

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the last time i wikipedia it, it said it was a tradition in southwestern ontario (canadian).. it's simply a fundraiser for the community to come out and support the bride and groom and have cheap beer! we still do the bachelorette/bachelor parties separately!

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ooh is that like a stag and hen party? FH and I are going to do one, but we need ideas for themes as well

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Thanks for all the ideas everyone thats great,
and yes a buck and doe (or stag and doe) is a little fundraiser for the wedding and to get everyone excited for our wedding!!:)Its a canadian thing I guess, and yes I am Canadian :)

Hailey I really like the idea of the moustache and mini skirt idea!! And the kiddy pool thats awesome, might do that near the end of night as my finances parents just live down the street to get clean up after lol When is your buck and doe?

Toonnie toss for sure,
fish insurance in,
moustache and mini skirt theme,
kiddy pool....i think its in!! :Dlol

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We had our Social last October. They are very similar to a Stag and Doe. Here is how we made money :)

- We charged $10 a ticket to get in, we sold 400 tickets. $10 a ticket is what all social tickets are where we are from.

- We did a Texas Mickey. Basically you have a huge bottle of liquor or we did Liquor store gift cards and you buy tickets like a 50/50. We sold them for $10 for half and arm length and $20 for a full arm length plus a little extra. We had a $100 gift card and a $50 gift card.

- We did a silent auction. We had about 15 prizes that were worth about $150-$200 each and then 4 Grand prizes worth about $400 each.

We did really well and made just under $10,000. I am from Manitoba, Canada and socials are really popular but done a little differently then in the States.

Good luck with your Stag and Doe!!

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I think it would be so cute if your invites had a buck and doe silhouette with a pink bow on the doe head and a black bow tie on the doe :)

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Wow, you learn something new every day. It sounds like fun ladies. Thanks for sharing.

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Oh some people have this around my area, but they call it a stag and drag. I've never been to one or had a close relative or friend who had one.

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my buck and doe is in may! i'm glad you liked my ideas! yes, the kiddie pool is definitely an end of the night deal! I got the idea from my friend, and I never would have went to her buck and doe, but I wanted to see it and I would have never stayed until 11:30, lol, so it gets ppl out, keeps them out and I think she raised close to a $1000... PM me and I'll send you pictures of how it went! it's going to be messy :S
at my cousin's i went to the health units (in 2 different cities) and picked up a ton of condoms (they're free there hehe), I put in them in a large restaurant sized mayonnaise jar and charged people $1/guess, whoever got the closest won the jar. the catch? you can guess using someone else's name, so it could be embarrassing for someone to win a huge thing of condoms (i think i had about 120)! it made about $30 but they were a tough crowd - at least the condoms were free!
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thats awesome! haha I would love to see pictures and know how your buck and doe goes..
any tips or anything would be great!!! :)

What does PM mean?

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Jokers: This is another popular game. Tape an entire deck of cards face down on a posterboard, and sell each card for a set price, which can vary depending on the sizes of your guest's pocketbooks. As the cards are sold, allow the buyer to write his or her name onto it. When they are all sold, find out who's got the jokers, and each get a percentage of the pot, with the house taking the rest. Variations of this game have the Ace of Spades taking half, and the couple the other half, but either works fine. This is a good game to advertize as they walk in or are buying beer tickets as your guests already have their cash out and will be more willing to spend.

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- Drop the coin in the shot glass ( a water jug from a water cooler filled with water - if it falls in the shot glass they win a free drink) ** Use a broom handle and put it in the shot glass to hold it in place while you fill the jug with water

- "Hammer Time' You get a big tree stump a hammer and super long nails. Whomever hits the nail down with the least number of hits wins ( EVERY little tap counts even to readjust) Guys get super competitive for this one and keep playing to win. One guy spent about 80 bucks to win. Keep track of their name and number of hits on a big chart so people will keep playing. Bring safety glasses and keep the stump on the floor (too easy if it's on a table or something).

- In the balloon popping game participants tie balloons to their ankles with a string and try to stomp on each other's balloons. The last person with their balloon intact wins a prize.

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