Brunch/Lunch Wedding Reception??
I just need some opinions/advice. My last post on here was about either buying a house or having a wedding. And as much as I'd like to do both, we don't have it in the budget. Then I thought, what about a Brunch/Lunch wedding reception? I've heard about people doing it and i'm sure it would save us a fortune. I've had my sister tell me the other day that i'll regret not having a wedding, and though I believe her, I think buying a house is a huge accomplishment and thought she'd be more happy for me (we're house hunting right now). But then I was thinking today (day dreaming at work), what about a daytime wedding? We'd have to move our date i'm sure because 10-5 is on a Friday, but I was wondering if anyone has done this? Their thoughts on it? I figure it would be better than no wedding at all. TIA!

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Kimi K
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I would LOVE to attend a brunch wedding reception!!! Don't forget the mimosas!

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Brunch/lunch weddings are become much more popular! Throw it on a Sunday and you have a deal for sure. Just remember, it is the little stuff that adds up - so try to choose a venue you already like and that comes with everything - that way you save on flowers, decor, linens, etc.

We are having a post wedding brunch and we are getting a crazy deal on it from the hotel everyone is staying at. Basic breakfast menu with mimosa's under $10 a person. Those are midwest prices, but you should check it out!

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Haha Kimi K - we are on the same page!

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I've been to two daytime weddings and I loved them!!!!!

One was brunch-y and had a bloody mary bar. The other was slightly later and was more of a luncheon buffet.

Honestly...........I really wanted a daytime/brunch wedding in the beginning, and FH wanted the exact opposite. I caved. :) I daydream about that daytime wedding all the time!!!

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one of FH friends got married and had a brunch wedding...I LOVE LOVE LOVE breakfast food so I was thrilled...mix that with a mimosa GREAT DAY!

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You can also do just an appetizer/dessert reception or cake and punch. Depending on catering, a full brunch might still be kind of pricey, although venue rentals are probably a lot less expensive. If you don't serve a full meal, just make sure the ceremony/reception are timed so that people have adequate time to eat lunch beforehand and dinner afterwards on their own.

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Our ceremony is at 11am with a lunch reception at a Cajun restaurant. So far we have gotten really good feedback from our guests. I would love to go to a brunch reception though!!

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I attended a wedding this past October that was a brunch wedding. The only problem was we were eating breakfast food at 2:30 pm, before the bride and groom had even made their grand entrance. While I think the idea of a brunch reception is a wonderful one, I believe it needs to be executed just right (like anything else). The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 12 noon but didn't actually begin until 12:50. Following the ceremony the guests walked over to a barn for the reception & sat around for a while. When pictures had been going on for more than an hour the tables were dismissed to eat, but the bride and groom were no where to be found. To top it off the food quantity was scarce and not warm (pancakes were burned too).

Sorry, I know this sounds like a horror story. I guess I am trying to say that you should keep in mind the type, quality and quantity of your brunch food. Also Jud because the wedding is scheduled at a brunch time doesn't mean the reception will begin at a cont.

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I'd love to go to a brunch wedding. I love brunch yumm!!!! mimosas and bloody marys are the best :-)

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Time that is appropriate for breakfast foods. Don't get me wrong I love breakfast food (even for dinner) but in my opinion quality is key. I hope this advice helps. Sorry if it is at all confusing.

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A lot of this helps, thank you! And made me feel better! My sister just really got to me because of all the negative she was saying... Like if I didn't want a wedding. Of course I do, I just want to live with my fiance too (we've been together for 4 and a half years and see other on the weekends only, if we're lucky). And with the housing market, it's the right time to buy.
But i'm so glad to hear such positive feedback. I always dreamed of the night wedding, drinking, dancing and having a blast. But having a brunch wedding would be better than not having one at all! And the FH loves breakfast food! Oh yay! And now, to find the right place and price to do all of this! I guess now i'm just a little worried about the ceremony. Our original plan was to get married at the same place we were having the reception (they have an outside gazebo). But, i'm sure I can figure something out! Thanks everyone!

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I would love a brunch wedding! I originally wanted a brunch/ high tea wedding to go with our tea party theme, but was out-voted :(...go for it! Who doesn't love mimosas and bloody marys?!

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Just to give you an idea, here's the approx timeline from the "brunchy" wedding we attended... (I broke it down b/c I wanted to do this myself in the beginning :) )

11:00am- ceremony
11:30-12:15- cocktail "hour" - served apps, cheese/fruit trays, white wine, and had the bloody mary bar.
12:15- guests were seated, WP made their grand entrance, started buffet
1pm- everyone had a full plate of food in front of them
1:30- toasts, cut cake, first dance
3pm- people started leaving after dancing for an hour
4pm- party wrapped
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Thanks so much Kris, that definitely helps a lot! This whole brunch or lunch wedding is all new to me. And now I'm super excited to start planning again, and I think we could do this! Excited to talk to the FH tonight! :-)

Just Reenski
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I'm having a Sunday brunch wedding. I'm starting around 10:30AM, though, to make sure the food is served at a good "brunchy" time. And of course, we're having mimosas and Bloody Mary's. :) Good luck!

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I only attended one Sunday brunch wedding, but it was absolutely fabulous! I think the couple saved decent $$ by not having a DJ, having a photographer at an off-peak time for just a couple of hours, not having too many decorations...

I still think you can accomplish both of your goals, just with a little creativity :-)

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I wanted a brunch wedding, but we are having a luncheon wedding, and Im very excited about it! Ours is on a Friday,(we're keeping it small,only immediate family and the closest few friends, they'd have to take time off to travel anyway, so Friday lunch vs. Friday dinner is no stretch for them, actually this way, if they want to take the 3 hr drive home they can with us having a luncheon wedding). But I will warn you, we aren't getting anything cheaper by doing it on a Friday or @ lunchtime. Good luck!

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ours is a sunday lunch wedding - and yes it saves a ton of money - $20 LESS per person. plus the minimums are lower on sundays and during the day at most venues.

other than the time, we are having a fairly traditional reception (booze, food, etc) but since we are on a long weekend the sunday thing works great.

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Thanks everyone! Definitely very helpful. I am definitely looking to save money, that is one of the biggest reasons. But I do plan on cutting down the guest list a little. Hopefully i'll find a place that is affordable! Now, if only my sister would be happier and more supportive for me! lol

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My wedding is from 11:30am to 4pm..pretty much a lunch/afternoon snack wedding since cocktails start at 12pm

We rented a party bus that leaves at 7:30pm from the guests hotel to have an after party in Atlantic City for the night owls that doesn't end until 3am.

Guests can gamble, drink, cruise the boardwalk, and meet up at the 40/40 club for dancing or the Foundation for cigars, wine and cheese.

FH and I will be staying at Harrah's that night and the guests will be carted back to their hotel near the venue if they want to...there are sooo many options...

I'll be on constant 5 hour energy lolol

I like it better this way...the party don't stop!!
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