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I don't know yet if i'll be inviting my father to my wedding. I am going to have my brother walk me down the aisle, and I am thinking I would like to do a brother sister dance instead of a father/daughter one. but i'm having a hard time finding music that we could dance to. Any suggestions? (i was thinking something country)

Also I plan to have my brother in the wedding party, but not really sure how that would work if he is also walking me down the aisle. Could you have him walk up, then walk back down again to walk me up?

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If you want him in the wedding party, just have him walk you up and then when he hands you off, just go stand at the end of the line on whatever side you want him on. I'll be dancing with my little brother to Lean On Me by Bill Withers.

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We picked My Wish by Rascal Flatts for ours. My H reunited with his sister after 20 years 8 mos before our wedding and she was my MOH too. The song seemed to fit them well.

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I'd have him walk you up, then go stand in line with the groomsmen after he 'gives you away'

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Our father passed away 6 years before my sister got married, she chose to do the "Father/Daughter Dance" with our two brothers, they dance to The Dance by Garth Brooks. I am getting married in May and plan on doing the same.

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i'm having an uncle/niece dance. my uncle is walking me down the aisle due to my father passing on 8 years ago. i picked "I hope you dance" by leeann womack

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A friend of mine just did this. They picked a song that they loved as kids. It wasn't a slow dance song, but it meant a lot to them.

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Oh look. There's another Shannon C on here. Hi!!
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