Brides Side/Grooms side seating
Is it the case that the brides family must sit on left side? Or does it matter? I know with our ceremony/reception in the same room, I will mix family & friends on both sides. But, I wanted to know did it matter what side my mother specifically sits on?

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I think typically mom's sit on the side so that they can see their child's face.

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We are doing the traditional seating with family, but friends will be allowed to sit wherever they want, as we have some mutual friends and then some specifically his or my friends.

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Thanks . Yeah I want to mix the sides up so maybe people will mingle and get to know each other as best as possible in a reception lol. So I don't want it looking too stuffy like grooms here, brides side here with a line down the middle and no one dare cross LOL!

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Also have some of you had uneven table chairs.. Like at this point I have some tables that have 8 ppl 2 tables of 9 and 1 table of 10. IS that cool?

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usually the mom sits on whatever side the bride is on...yes i had a table with 8 another with 9 and the rest were 10 and one with 3 for our photographers and DJ

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I personally think its fine to have uneven tables. To me no one is going to notice how many chairs are at each table. I mean if you have 4 at one table then 10 at another that might be weird lol

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I was just talking about the ceremony, since ours in a church.
As far as the reception, we'll be putting people together who know each other.
And we will be having an even number of 8 chairs per table.

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@ Tiffany yes for the most part our individual tables will have people that know each other but the tables besides them may be of his side of the family or some of his co-workers . Then on the opposite near his mom may be some of my side of the family & co-workers.

Thanks for all you input ladies. I am trying to eliminate having to do another centerpieces if I had more chairs to the tables.

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I am not going to do sides, because our families are already 1. Our parents will have their traditional seats, but everyone else can sit where they please.

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We areletting everyone choose whatever side they want to sit on for the ceremony. I hate the whole feeling of "sides". We are also choosing to NOT have seating arrangements for dinner. Our guests are all old enough to find a place to sit. I hope! lol

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for teh ceremony I going to have my "ushers" just balance the side. Only people with reserved seats are my grandmother and our parents,

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I agree with the ladies above - our parents and grandparents get front row seats ofcourse, but as for the "sides" it just seems offputting to me IMO...especially since most of the people who will be there are important to BOTH of us...why make them "choose sides"?

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Here is a option

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We are not doing sides either.. the main reasoning is i come from a VERY small family and fh comes from a really big family. So it would definately look a little lopsided. We are reserving front rows for immediate family but other than that people can just sit where they want

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I don't think it matters that much. Especially if you have uneven sides. As long as parents are in the very front, nothing else matters.

For us, we had about 65 guests, and 12 of them were friends and family of my DH. The rest were my family. So if we'd done sides, his would have looked pretty bare.
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