Bride or Groom's name first?
So I'm working on our reception seating chart to be displayed.
Almost all of the examples I see have the Bride's name first. My mom keeps saying the Groom's name should always be first?
(she insisted we put Brian's name first on the border around the bottom of the cake - LoL)
I just think Crystal and Brian Kuenzler sounds better than Brian and Crystal Kuenzler (cause you get the 2 "k" sounds in a row, I know, I'm weird).
What do you think? Sorry, I know I'm full of questions today LoL

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Hmmm. I'm not sure if there's etiquette on this. I put my name first on everything. I figure it's more important to me than him, plus my parents are paying. I just kinda went with "ladies first"

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I don't know what the "correct" way to do it is, but I agree w/you that your name sounds better first b/c of the double "k" sound. We don't have an issue w/that since both of our names start w/M! I do think either way you go nobody, but your mom will care much.

Mrs. Carmen
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Far as I know, it's the bride's name first on everything. I've put my name first on everything, so if it's not, then oh well. lol.

Mrs. Jacques
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I always thought it was Brides name first BEFORE marriage then Grooms name first AFTER marriage.

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I went with the whole "ladies first" concept. My name is first on everything.

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every invite i have seen says wifes first so thats what we will do

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Even on monograms it's the Brides initial, last name, then Grooms' initial. So I figure the bride's name goes first mostly?
Zac & Kate sounds better than Kate & Zac so I put his first on some things. Like our website. Also, we go by Zate. Yes, stupid name mash up lol.
Though his real name is Elliott and mine is Katie, but he hates it so that's only on legal things. =0)
Fun Fact: My name was supposed to be Kelly, so if it was. Our 'name' would be Kelliott! I know, we're weird too! lol.

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Ok majority rules! I win! I'm putting my name first LoL
I just really think it sounds better, so there's no double "k" sound. He got his name first on the cake, I can get mine first on the seating board LoL Compromise!
Actually, my FH could care less LoL

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Yeah I didn't even think about this till after I created my monogram and printed my invites with his name first. Just goes to show you that I put him before me sometimes. hehe. Oh well. I didnt think it was that big of a deal so I'm just sticking with it. BUT, in retrospect, I would do the bride's name first.

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Etiquette states that the brides name is supposed to go first on everything. Which I did not agree with, so I switched it around on just about

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I've always heard bride's name goes first until after the wedding, then the groom's name goes first. In our situation, his name sounds better going first, but my inner feminist dislikes typing his name first ever. lol

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Pre weddign things: like invites Brides name first, anything after the ceremony, grooms names first becuase you're techinically married...BUT I like the two K sounds

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Heres what I found:

It goes back centuries ago when the young woman's parents would have a dowry to give to the groom to be. It's simply protocol (

Usually because the brides parents are considered the true hosts of the wedding and because of the ladies first rule.

There are three reasons, two of which are stated above: protocol, and the division of expenses. The third is because this is the bride's day, not the groom's. The day is certainly important to the groom, but we men don't dream about our wedding days our entire life like women do. We don't make three million appointments.

Lastly, because our bride's deserve it.

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Thanks Valerie! And all the other ladies for the info!! I thought I was right!
At least now I have some ammo to give my mom if she gives me a hard time LoL (in a joking way of course!)

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And yeah, Bride's name is first on invites and what not.
Sheesh mom! :-D
I think she was trying to compare it to like letters or somethnig like that, when the husband's name goes first.

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EWWW. Our monogram is TAG. If I go by ettiqutte. I will probally use TGA form of the monogram.

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my save the date is his name first, ooops. i want my name first on the next invite! ha

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My H requested his name to be first on the invitations. I don't know all of the reasons why he wanted it that way but it had to do with him being the leader and making it clear that while it was my day, he was a willing, enthusiastic participant ;-) When we were announced it was Mr and Mrs. His First and Last Name. On our Save the dates it said " On April 10, 2010 His Full Name will marry My Full Name at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale, AZ" so his name was first. I think it's just personal preference but I liked his name being first. Everyone knew the whole day was full of my choices, it was a small thing to give to him. Good luck!
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