Bride and Groom Wedding Day Gift Exchange
What are some memorable gifts I can give my future husband on our wedding day?

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Boudoir pics!

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Great idea! Thanks :-)

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I'm getting him a watch (boring and typical I know but it's what he wants) and he's getting me custom wedding bands! The first time I see them will be when we exchange our vows :) Boudoir pic's are a good one! I've also heard of people surprise with an extra feature of the honeymoon like a helicopter ride, or couples massage, etc.

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I helped pay our property taxes for the year... romantic, I know

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I got mine a solid silver money clip, that said "mine, mine, mine, mine" (like the seagulls in the Finding Nemo plus the date

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I got him a crystal baseball of the team he likes. I can't remember, but I think I got it from Macy's or maybe it was Carson Pierre Scott. He bought me a Lladro bride and groom.

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give him a letter to open the morning of :-) in addition to whatever else.

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@Sharon...LMAO..I love it.

I already received my gift. He ordered from Helzberg online, and I kind of found it when it was delivered because I had to sign for it. He was so excited about it, he had to give it to me. It is a lovely Movado watch with diamonds and a mother of pearl face. He said it was because we will count the minutes until forever with each other. The only thing is...I wasn't planning on wearing a watch on our wedding day. I don't know how to get out of it. :)

I thought of buying him a watch, but he is a watch ho. I have bought him so many over the years that unless I went Rolex, he already has it.

I think it was Analy who suggested a personalized handkerchief. The FH is highly emotional and cries worst than I do. So, I will have, "At last...tears of joy! I love you! Forever, Me" and our date. Here is the link:

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Boudoir pics is what I plan on doing, I'm gonna have this nice little booklet made with the about 20 to 30 pics

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Wow! Great ideas everyone. Thanks :-)

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shot gun shell cuff links from etsy. he found them on etsy and loves them, so I figured thats a safe bet. I spent too much on him for Christmas, so he won't be getting anything grand.

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I wrote him a letter/card to open the morning. For months he'd occasionally been asking me why I love him, and each time I didn't answer because there are so many reasons, and any answer I picked just wouldn't have told the full story, so in the card, I told him why I'd not answered, and then told him why I love him, all of it. Apparently he was totally together until then and I reduced him to a mess!

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My FH collects different Monoploy games, and I found one called Love-opoly. You create the entire game board yourself with pictures and you can put all of the spaces into whatever you want. I am going to make them of all the special places we have gone to since we have been together :)

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Giving him cuff links to wear on our wedding day. They will be anchors to go with our nautical theme wedding. Also thinking of doing the boudoir photos :-)

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Will give him the bodouir pics the night before and a letter the day of... ;)

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My fiance loves guitars.... plays each and every type but always goes to the pawn shops to buy them. We have about 6.. some that he has had since he was a little boy. I bought him a brand new fender (I think thats how you spell it) guitar. He has never owned or bought a brand new guitar!
I cant wait to see his face in pictures the morning of the weddiing!! My parents are also bring his amp and foot-petal so he can play a little something at the reception!
I have had this since January... and the wedding is only only 2 a half months away... but this is KILLING ME not to tell him! I figured I only plan on getting married once so why not go this far!

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The best gift you can give to him are those stuff with special meanings. You surely know what he wants. So create something that you can apply those things that he likes. The most precious gifts are those that is made with your own hands. Good luck!

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My husband gave me my wedding dress sketch with his tux. He had my maid of honor send a photo to the artist. He sent his tux photo in. She framed it and wrapped it up. It was truly an amazing gift on our wedding day, as he was surprised as well. The artist is with

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@Jolie my husband and I are giving this to each other. Love this idea and so happy we are having this created. They are on wedding wire. I pulled an image from it.

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