Bride and groom thank you speech ?
My fiancé and I were planning on just saying thank you to all the guest that came to celebrate our special day with us , is that ok or is it supposed to be something long?
What will your speech be like?

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Oh I haven't thought of this yet.

I think we will just ad lib. I love public speaking and so does FH. We'll just say what comes to our hearts.

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We have such a language barrier with our guests, so we decided to just make the rounds and thank everyone as we go to each table. It's way easier for us that way and then no one will feel uncomfortable that they didn't understand what was being said. Even if we did it in both languages, people might feel awkward.

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I'm DEATHLY afraid of public speaking but I do feel like we should say thank you to everyone at the end of the night. We will probably just keep it really short and sweet. Maybe I can talk my FH into saying the majority of it! LOL! I'm also planning on making the rounds and trying to thank everyone individually.

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I'm same as I_Found's hard for me to do public speaking but I will say thank you to everyone too..

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Havent thought of it yet, but I am sure it will be short

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me and hubby don't usually like to do public speaking, but the day of our wedding we were so happy and filed with joy, we just got up there and winged it and it was great! We just told everyone how we are so happy they came to celebrate with us, and that it means so much to us and thank you.

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We will definitely be giving a speech or two. There will be a longer more detailed one at the rehearsal dinner and a short "thanks for coming, etc" at the end of the speeches at the reception. We also will thank people more individually. We are very grateful to all of them for helping!

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I didn't think of that. FH is not a public speaker so I will have to make the speech. He might jump in a say a sentence. lol
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