Bridal shows - worth it?
There are bridal shows coming up, the biggest are in Greensboro at the Coliseum and the one in Winston-Salem the next week. Are these fun? Alot of good vendors at it? Helpful for the planning process? Any tips on what to bring? or WHO to bring?

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If you are looking for vendors it can be helpful. I found it mostly worthless. Bring address labels pre-printed with your name, address, phone number and email address.

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I went to one in Chicago and found it fun and helpful. I got a bunch of free stuff, got an idea of pricing in my area, and entered fun contests.

I agree about the address labels, you'll enter a lot of contests and sign up for a lot of mailing lists.

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It's helpful but tiresome. I went to 3 different one's and won some great gifts including our Honeymoon trip that we otherwise wouldn't be going on for lack of funds. I went with my mom, then with my sister, FH went to the last one & his name was pulled for the honeymoon prize.

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We went to one today at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I personally like bridal shows because it makes it a lot easier to have access to vendors. We may have found our DJ, photographer and baker today.

And like Jen & Ms A, I brought 100 lables and 100 business cards with our address on them. We used the labels to sign up for every give away and the business cards for vendors.

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I've found them helpful. I like to get ideas and figure out if I can do them on my own. This is how we decided on the centerpieces we will be doing, and the bouquet style that I will be using. And our venue gave us specials because the lady remembered me from a bridal show and how enthusiastic I was about it.

Mrs. C
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I've been to two of them, and going to my last one at the end of September. They are so much fun, and when I went (especially the bigger ones) some of the vendors give discounts. I'm taking my MOH, my mom and a Jr Bridesmaid (my MOH's daughter). The first one my FH went to. The bigger ones do fashion shows so it's fun to see dresses and BM dresses. Yes, take address labels-especially if it's a bigger show because they'll do drawings. Have fun!

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SO worth it! I found lots of good deals (found my venue and dj there!), there are drawings where you can win free stuff and you get lots of free stuff anyway. Definitely go!

I brought two of my bridesmaids, so if any of your girls or your mom wants to go just take them along and take the place by storm!

Also, caterers and bakers give free samples, just sayin'. Don't eat lunch before you go lol

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If you havn't yet picked out a lot of things they are helpful. As long as you are getting married in the area of the wedding show. Cause you can get alot of idea of who the vendors are in teh area without having to go to all their shopps.

Also theres always free cake slices from all the bakeries and cupcakes and cake pops. Also you usually get a free wedding mag or two adn get to see some dress fashion shows, and check out photographer prices and portfolios. It's worth the $10 admission fee, and for some of them if you register as a bride through th ewebsite ahead of time you can get in free so you only have to pay for the person you bring with you.

I recommend bringing mom, a friend or FH.

Just Reenski
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Other than some free cake, I find them worthless. I can see how they could be helpful if you are just starting out, but for me, it was all sorts of vendors who were out of my budget or otherwise didn't need. And they can get SO crowded, that it becomes overwhelming.

If you, I suggest making a separate email address just for wedding things -- you will get SOO many emails. And if you can, bring address labels, so you don't have to write out your name/address constantly.

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I really good tip I got (besides the labels, so true!) was to set up a google voice number for people who insist on calling constantly and set up a separate wedding email address. These have been valuable for me! As far as the shows, I haven't won anything, but I'm still trying. The first one I went to seemed useless, but the second one was where I found several great vendor options. We're going a bit nontraditional on the wedding and a lot of the vendors seems to exceed our ideas and budget. But I've gotten some great ideas that I can DIY. So it can be valuable. I took my FSILs and FMIL to the first and went by myself to the 2nd. Its much more fun taking people. Take someone you would take if you were going out having fun...

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They are worth it. Plus if you know some of the vendors you want will be there, they usually offer discounts for you to book them there. I booked my DJ at a show and photographer and saved another 150....saved on my was definitely worth it!

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I too think the bridal shows our worth it. The FH and I went to the first one together and won a premier DJ package! Every since then, I have been eager to go! You can get ideas as well. Like the other brides said, sign up on the website so you can get a free ticket. The other shows I went with one of my bm's.

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