Bridal shows What to expect?
Next sunday i am going to a bridal Show in Fort Lauderdale, FL. i was wondering what to expect and what goes on there.

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Sometimes you will get free stuff such as free samples of cake, a massage and maybe a photo from a photo booth. For the most part people just want you to use their services. Its a great way to meet vendors if you need people to fill those spots. Have Fun!

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There are different kinds of Bridal Shows, from large ones that are held in hotels or convention centres that draw thousands of brides to smaller ones at venues "open house bridal shows" with only a couple hundred guests who are specifically interested in that venue for their wedding. I'll assume this is one of the large kind.

- Get there early and eat a good breakfast.
- Bring a backpack with water and something to snack on throughout the day. There will be caterers and pastry chefs with food to try, but in very small portions
- There are going to be a TON of people walking around and vendors will only be able to give you about 5-8 minutes of their time, they have a thousand other people to talk to.
- If you like them in those first 5 minutes, get their card/pamphlet/flyer
- ALWAYS ask about "show deals" vendors will give discounts to clients that they meet at shows, sometimes only on the day of... but a lot of times if you call later too and mention the show

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If you're looking for vendors and want more info, you should print out address labels with your and your FH's name, address, phone, e-mail, etc. I set up a special e-mail just for wedding stuff. Then the vendors can contact you and you can shop around. Some vendors also do bridal show specials where you can get a discount on packages and such.

The shows are seriously fun and the free cake samples are the best part.

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They can be kinda overwhelming too. Usually they have them set up by category and you just go down the rows and hit the ones that you are interested in. Most of them will give you folders or pages of info and you can review it later. People will be asking questions so sneak in and listen to them when you can. They're really helpful and a lot of fun! If it's a larger bridal show, they may have a fashion show that displays gowns etc and a lot of them do raffles and give away lots of prizes! Have fun!

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- Take your time! The vendors will be there for the whole day for the most part, or at least have a representative available for you to speak with... so take your time and enjoy the sights. Save the running around frantically for when you are actually looking for a specific type of vendor. There are a lot of amazing flower and decor displays, so enjoy looking at them and maybe steal some ideas for yourself.
- Bring a camera (I didn't to my first show, but I sure did every one following)
- There will most likely be a fashion show, so make sure to get there early to get a seat. It'll be the only time you really get to sit all day, so take advantage of it and make it your half-day break or something.
- on that note, comfortable shoes! lot of walking. lol
- note pad and two pens (take notes as you talk to vendors, on prices, design, anything you think relevant to your own wedding)

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That's pretty much it for shows, the smaller ones are more intimate and give you more time to speak with vendors... but they generally have the same layout. Once you have a venue decided upon, you should ask them if they have a bridal show at any point in the year. Make sure to attend because you'll be able to meet with vendors that have worked with that venue specifically and are both familiar with it's regulations and also will give good deals for you having chosen them through that venue.

Once home you can use your note pad to go through all the flyers and toss the ones you don't care about. It's an awesome research opportunity and, honestly, a lot of fun too!

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Thanx ladies I am super excited. i guess i need to write down what kind of vendors i am looking for ahead of time.

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Go with some goals in mind- they types of vendors you want to talk to. Also, they do alot of fashion shows and stuff that, in my opinion, are just stupid. Skip them- because during them are when vendors are the least crowded!
Take printed labels with your information to give to vendors.
They need your name, FH's name and an email address- that's it. If you share a phone number, many places won't stop calling! And they do not need your home address for any reason. If you haven't already- set up an email address of just stuff for the wedding. Use that for any of this type of stuff.
The bridal show people will share your information with other companies, so be prepared to get emails, and stuff in the mail over the next several months. I'm still getting invitation catalogs! It's kind of annoying.
There will be things to register for giveaways. Alot of them are scams- everybody wins. If you have to sit through a seminar or tour a facility to redeem your 'prize' pass it up!

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Many ideas are great, but be certain to check out the "rules" of the show.

The biggest show in Portland does NOT allow cameras, backpacks, outside food. They also have show times and you arrive at the time on your ticket.

You may want to bring along some pre-printed address labels. This makes it easy to enter contests. I would encourage you to have a separate email address for this purpose. They can fill your email box fast.

If you are not interested in a particular vendor, please do not take any of their information. Their promo pieces cost them money, so taking them, when you only plan to toss them, is a waste.

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I agree with the first show I brought:
1. Camera (to take pics of everything)
2. Labels (Your name, wedding date, email address and address - no phone number)
3. Pad and writing pens
4. Small bag to put all business cards that I wanted to keep separate from the business I knew I wasn't going to use.

At one bridal show I won a free engagement session, so be sure to put your labels on every vendor's contests.

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Thanks for asking this question. I plan to attend a bridal in February and I was also wondering what to expect.
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On your labels, include your name, wedding date, and e-mail address.

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Same here Purple. I'm going to on at the end of this month. I'm not having a huge wedding but I'd like to see what kind of deals i can get on dresses and sample some food for catering.

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so i have registered for the show. It starts at 1 p.m. and i live about 20 min away from the location. But i am thinking that i should try to get there by maybe 12:30.

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don't give your name, email or phone number!!! as one of the other girls stated 99.9% of the give-aways are scams. so just patiently listen to the vendors at their booth, ask any questions ya may have & take whatever bag, packet, business card they give you. at most of these there will be a 'fashion show' but the ones i've been to are pointless. have fun & GL.
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