Bridal Shower venues in Los Angeles
I am looking for places to hold a bridal shower in Los Angeles. We don't have anyone's home that we can use, but wanted to try to avoid the high food and beverage minimums that the restaurants and hotels have. It is going to be held around the beginning of April so we also can't assume the weather will be nice enough to have it outdoors. Does anyone know of any venues or rooms you can rent that allow you to bring in your own food and drinks, or venues that provide it but are not $600 minimum? Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you!!!

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Jessica - It might be helpful to specify a location within LA, as well as number of guests, type of look ....?

They can help the ladies narrow down suggestions for you!
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Thanks, good suggestions. The area of LA is somewhat flexible, but I would say anywhere from Santa Monica as far east as Pasadena, just not as far south as Orange County. The people attending mostly live in the valley and Santa Monica areas. The number of guests is small, anywhere from 10 to 20 people so we are probably looking for a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere versus a very formal setting. Hope that helps!

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I am having a similar problem. Have you thought about a local park or apartment community center? Needless to say, I am considering the following places:

POP Champagne Bar in Pasadena
Tudor House in Santa Monica
The Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica (Mom's choice)
26 Beach in Venice
Tavern in Brentwood

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I thought an apartment community center would be a great option as well, but unfortunately most people's apartments don't have one, and the one friend I do know has a roof top area which would look amazing, but I am worried about the weather, since you never know if it's going to possibly rain in April.

I had checked out the POP Champagne bar but thought it sounded like it would be a bit pricey. Who is generally supposed to pick up the tab for the bridal shower and what is sort of the accepted amount that you should be spending on it? I would rather not ask the people attending to pay for anything, but is that an option people do sometimes?

Basically I am just very confused as most of the bridal/baby showers I have been to have always been at someones home. Thanks for the other venue suggestions, I will look into those as well!

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Also try Lillys in Venice.

Normally someone is supposed to host the shower for you (and pick up the tab). Etiquette says that the host should not be someone in your family as it would appear to be a ploy for gifts. I live in LA but my family and bridesmaids do not (or live in apartments). My best friend will be hosting my Los Angeles bridal shower (I am having another party in Nor Cal), however, my mother will be funding the shower since my bestie just quit her job to go back to school.

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