Bridal Shower!! / Thank you Speech help
HI Ladies,
im sooo excited for i have my bridal shower this saturday! ekkkk but at the same time im soo nervous tho cause i do have to make a tahnk you speech & well i was never too good at doing this even in high school in speech class i was a nervous wreck! Plus when i was in plays & all. OMG help what are some helpful sites that can help me write my little thank you speech?
thanks Ladies,

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Try looking through these and see what you can find, i found them helpful for preparing mine for shower and reception

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For thank you speeches at showers normal in your circle?

To be honest I have never been to a shower where the bride made a formal speech. IME you thank each guest as you open the gift. When guests begin leaving make your rounds and thank them for coming. You could do one big "thanks everyone for coming it means a lot" but it doesn't need to be some big to do.

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I've been to a lot of showers lately where the Bride to be stands up and thanks everyone for making the trip out, the time, the gifts and for sharing in her day. It is just another way to do it and it makes her look pretty classy too when she can muster up the courage to stand up and speak and thank everyone with a smile and grace. It seems to make an impression on the in laws as well I might add.
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