bridal shower thank you notes for money gift
Could someone tell us the write wording for bridal shower thank you notes for money gifts. If you could give me suggestions or samples it would be appreciated. (links to a site that would help would also be appreciated) Thank you in advance.

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2d Bride
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Hmm... How have you written thank you notes for cash gifts for other occasions--birthday, Christmas, etc.? It is exactly the same. Typically, it is something like:

"Thank you for your generous gift."

The amount is never mentioned. You then go on to say something you will apply it to. This can be anything from, "We used it to buy that widget we had been wanting. We will think of you every time we use it to puree basil for our spaghetti sauce," to, "We are saving for a down payment on a house, and this will really help us work toward that goal."

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I second 2nd bride. What she wrote is exactly what we wrote for all of our TY cards. I know it sounds repetitive but that's the way. You can also write, thank youtaking the time to join us for our celebration (obviously wedding ty cards) but ya get the idea.

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I would include what I plan to use the money for. Just like people enjoy seeing a serving tray they gave you being used when they visit your house, they like knowin what you spent or will spend a money gift on. For example, we bought a house a year ago but with all the money we are spending on the wedding we have not yet been able to renovate the kitchen. I will be including a brief description of what we will be doing to the kitchen,so that when they see my new kitchen they will feel appreciated. If you can't think of anything concrete, just tell them the money helped pay for your honeymoon and describe your trip:)

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2d is spot on...never mention the amount, thank for the generosity, and a simple sentence as to how it will help you purchase something.

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Bingo to 2d's post.
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