Bridal Shower Hostess Gift?
Hey Ladies! Do any of you have any suggestions as to a good gift to give the woman hosting my bridal shower? She travels all over the world, so I don't know what to get her that is special haha. Suggestions would be helpful. Thanks :-)

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We got tote bags for the hostesses of the shower. I may put in some water and some lite snacks in packages because they are both traveling.

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Oh now that is a good idea :-) Thanks!

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I made these for my shower hosts! :) They were super inexpensive, but time consuming to make! I added a black ribbon with a bow to hang on a wall or door or whatever!!

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oh wow that is awesome!

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Maybe a gift basket of reallly nice travel sized toiletries or snacks? You know the nice stuff that is too expensive to buy for yourself when you travel?

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Yeah, and since she travels all over the world, that would be a great gift!

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Holy moly I missed the bus..... I should be buying a thank you gift to the host of the shower? I suppose that makes sense....

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Or you could try a spa gift card? Who doesn't love a day to relax or even a mani/pedi gift card!

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Don't know if you scrapbook, but you could do a collection of maps of places she has been and then put it in an inexpensive frame.

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I am with Maggie.... I didn't know!

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I have never heard of this...

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Honestly, I would do a gift card of some sort.

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Actually, it's not uncommon for people to not think of giving the Bridal Shower Hostess a gift since usually the person throwing it is a BM or family member. If that's the case, and they are already in the wedding in some fashion, than a gift isn't necessary. BUT...if it's a family friend or someone not in the wedding, a gift is a nice way of saying "thank you" :-)

Joanna G
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Ok, thank you for explaining that. My mil, mom, and bm's will be throwing my shower and as much as I want to give them a Millions gifts, we are giving them something at the rehearsal dinner. Maybe I can make them something... Thanks for the ideas!

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Okay so I am having 2 showers, one is thrown by both of my sisters and the other I think are two aunts of my FH, so do I just get each a gift? I was thinking these adorable vases I found on Amazon, or like...what should I get them? LOL

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The actual hostess of my shower is a bridesmaid but I got a gift for my friend who is letting us hold it at her apartment. I got her some pink candles that smell really good, two candle plates to put them on, a really cute sparkly wall hang with her initial on it, and I out all of this is a cute decorative box that she can use later or use for decoration in her apartment.

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I am getting thank you gifts for all of my shower hosts and bachelorette party hosts.. bridal party, family, whatever.. it's just a nice way to say thank you! :)

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I purchased a personalized compact mirror on etsy for about $20.00. I will also attach a note saying thank you for taking the time to host a beautiful shower. A little gift to help you see your beauty as Ryan and I do. I might also send flowers with it.

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I'm also getting gifts, expensive gifts, for my shower and party hostess. There's a ton of time, work and money that goes into making a bridal party and a bachelorette party. How could you not give a gift, regardless of the fact that it's probably your maid of honor and you're already giving her a gift for being your maid of honor? I'm shocked that so many brides expect so much out of their maids and rarely think of them when making decisions like what bridesmaid dress they'll have to buy, how far they'll have to travel to the wedding and other festivities, and how much they'll spend on gifts, accessories, hotel rooms, plane tickets ect. It's your wedding, they're doing all of this in celebration of you. Give back, these are the most important people in your life, and they're doing major things for you.
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