Bridal shower for 2nd wedding?
This is my 2nd wedding and a friend asked if anyone was hosting a shower for me. I know some people think it's not appropriate to have one for the 2nd wedding. My first wedding was planned so fast and I never had a shower or a bachelorette party. I don't want a bunch of gifts, just fun times with my girlfriends before I move to Canada. Also it would give the gals who cannot travel to my destination wedding a chance to be included in part of it all. And who pays for it?? Any thoughts?

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I think it sounds great. Don't worry about what happened before. Have a fun time with your girlfriends.
I think the MOH and the BMs pay for it, sometimes the mother does it. Depends on whose hosting it, I guess.

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I'm in the same situation you are in.

Most of the people that went to my prior bridal shower 7 years ago will not be at this one. (things change I guess.) I didn't have a bachelorette party last time, so this will be fun.

My Sister and Mom are paying and hosting it. I too am not really into the gifts. It's just a nice way for our families to meet and get to know each other before the wedding.

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I hosted my friend's bridal shower and her mom, another bridesmaid and I paid for it. This is my first wedding and I didn't have a bridal shower, but I don't think it matters what wedding you're on if someone offers to host.

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This is my second marriage and girl I'm having one! I had a bridal shower but no Bachelorette part last time and I'm having both this time around. Like Rebecca said- most of the people who were at my last one- are not going to be at this one. As far as who pays for it- I would talk to your girls, your mom ect. See who is willing to do what and if no one can throw it for you- maybe someone could host and you could help with funds.

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You can always have a bridal shower for your matter its your first wedding or 2nd......There is no such rules for having bridal shower only once.......the only rule in my opinion is to have fun and enjoy every part of your wedding......
You are having your bridal shower for you and for you friends who can not travel to your wedding so have it and enjoy it.....

Shannon S.
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I had a bachelorette party but no shower (I find them boring and didn't want to put my friends through the pain, lol).

Instead of a traditional gift shower, why not have a recipe shower? Your girls divide up by appetizer, main, side and dessert, (and cocktails too!), and everyone brings a dish and the recipe for the dish. The hostess can send out beautiful cards with the invites, everyone uses the cards to write out the recipes, then you can assemble them into a scrapbook to display in your kitchen.

I had a recipe shower for my first wedding and it was a BLAST. People who didn't cook brought silly recipes (like Kamikaze shots), and nobody had to scramble for a gift or play games.

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Thank you girls!

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You know what I HATE wedding rules! Who the heck made them anyway?! grrr
Forget the rules and do exactly whatever you wish! It's YOUR wedding.
If you go by all the rules your wedding will be stuffy & BORING! Be yourself and have fun!
I plan on it. :)
Have a great time with your friends.

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This is also my second wedding, my first was the biggest mistake we were pushed into it. My family believes that you don't get a shower for your second wedding so my girls are hosting one and only inviting his side of the family since mine won't show up anyways. I don't think of it as "yay I get gifts" you're right it's a way to celebrate your upcoming wedding with friends and family!

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You can also do a panty shower. Everyone buys you a pair of panties that are their own personality. Then you have to pick out who bought you which panties.

Or just put "no gifts please" on the invite.

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Who said you don't deserve a shower or a party! It's not like having a baby shower for your third girl or something lol... I say do what you want and enjoy it, gifts and all! This is the start of a new life for you and your FH, not a reflection of your past.

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The 80's were so cruel--and so was my mom. My first wedding was a shotgun type affair to a horrible man who just happens to be the father of my three children. Getting pregnant out of wedlock in 1987 made me feel like I had a lot to be ashamed of, and so did my parents. No shower, no church wedding, no honeymoon, no registering for gifts, no pretty dress, no nothing really. just a cocktail party type reception about a month after the wedding. It was and still is a painful experience. And on top of that, not one baby shower for the three wonderful boys I am a mom too. That marriage lasted 22 years--about 22 years too long.

This time around, we are doing it right and doing it grand!!! I really could care less if my friends have a shower for me/us-as long at they are there to share this very VERY special day with us.

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Pumpkin, I want a panty shower now! Maybe I can get my ladies to do that at my bachelorette =).

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Thank u guys so much! I do love the panty idea lol. Sounds fun.

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Thank u guys so much! I do love the panty idea lol. Sounds fun.

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Good luck...I'm in the same boat. Like PP the guest list will be completely different. We also may end up doing a couple's shower or something else just for the fun of it.

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I was married 10 years ago and not one single person in my family has said anything about a shower this time around. Fh's family is footing the bill for this wedding and I don't think it's their place to throw one for us. So, i'm not expecting one. The get together would have been nice but oh well.
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