Bridal Shower Etiquette?
Can we ask people on invitations not to bring their children? We are really just going for an adult type bridal shower but aren't sure if people will know not to bring their kids is it rude to include on invites, adults only? Especially since I have kids people will probably assume they can bring their kids.....

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People always assume that bringing kids are ok especially if the host or guest of honor has children... Depending on how many people u are having, just put Adult Environment or Adult Only//// or you can always use the word of mouth method!

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My friend had kids at her shower and it was so annoying. There were kids who did not behave at all and parents who just didn't care. I think it just takes away from the bride, especially if there's a baby there. All attention goes there.

I would say it'd be fine to put it on the invite that it's adults only. Maybe say something about space limitation.

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make the invites something like naughty or nice so that they wouldn't want their kids to be there. also pass the word around through bms and family

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Use smaller side wording (add the text in a smaller font on the left side)
ceremony: children invited
reception: adults only

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Make sure that your invitation leads people to believe that it is adults only.

Honestly, I do not understand people who want to bring kids to a Bridal Shower. Of course, I have issues with kids at most events. LOL!!!

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I always assumed that the way the envelope was addressed told me who was invited. If I saw Mrs. _________ and daughter's name, it meant we were both invited. I would never assume that she was invited if her name wasn't on the envelope. What am I missing here?

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Depending on how many people you are inviting, and how close you are to them, can it easily travel by word of mouth? Are there a ton of people you are inviting that have kids?
@C's mom-I think definitely if you just addressed only to the woman, then invariably someone would come with kids in tow..It is inappropriate to bring children to a shower (usually) but unfortunately a lot of parents ignore these seemingly common sense stipulations :-)
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