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Hey ladies! Does anyone happen to have a link to a good free printable site for gift bingo? or a good place to purchase this?

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Here's a link to one:

Another easy way is to create a bingo card that is blank and have your guests write in or draw pictures of things they think you might get, putting their own gift in the middle free space, like this one:

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THANKS so much!!!! i appreciate it:-)

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As someone who's played Bingo many times at bridal showers, can I offer a suggestions? Instead of just doing a list of "bridal" items and reading the things out loud, why not play Bingo as the bride is opening her presents, so it's a game, but the bride is still involved. Use the registry, see what's been purchased and go from there. I find a lot of shower games to be really boring, because the bride is just sitting there, watching...

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I just went to a good friend's bridal shower over the weekend, and we played bingo as goskell suggests. Guests were given a blank bingo card and were asked to fill in the boxes with things we thought the bride might get. Then as she was opening gifts, we would mark the things she opened on our cards. That was a TON of fun.
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Shana R, great idea. This is what we did at my sister's Shower and it was a lot of fun. The image above is the card we used so we could all guess different things.

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I made my own because I wasn't able to find any of the free ones online, it was time consuming because I had to make 30 different cards. But we are doing a coverall so that someone gets the bingo.. no 2 cards are alike.
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