Bridal shop problems...need advice please!
I got engaged in November of 2010 and purchased my wedding gown at a small bridal shop in January. Shortly after I found bridesmaid dresses at a different shop, but the owner of the shop where I got my wedding gown said she could order the same dresses with a 20% discount, so that is where I agreed for my girls to get their dresses. Now it's almost August and my bridesmaid dresses are still not in! I called the shop at the beginning of this month, as did my mother, and we both raised hell with the owner. She said the dresses would not be in until late August at the EARLIEST! Wtf??...

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(continued)... Understandably, me and my girls are pissed off. They can't get their shoes until the dresses come in and most of them will probably need alterations. The brand of dresses is Bill Levkoff. Do you ladies think I should contact the dress company directly and see if an order was even placed yet and if so, what is their turn around time on getting dresses to the bridal shops? I'm so worried all of my bridesmaids dresses will be in last minute and my girls will have to do everything so close to my wedding (December 3rd is my wedding date). Help please!!

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My wedding is in Oct and the girls dresses are not here yet. I think your girls will have plenty of time to get their alterations. Just maybe don t go to the same shop to do them. I am wondering did they get that discount on the dresses??? Maybe there is something to do with why they are taking so long.

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They got the discount, because I get 20% off of everything in the shop since that's where I purchased my wedding gown. I'm really peeved, because NO ONE else I know has waited over 6 months for their bridesmaids dresses to come in.

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I understand hon, I heard that 4to 6 months is the max you should wait. did the shop offer any explanation???

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She offered none whatsoever except that, because I dropped one of my bridesmaids it "messed up the order." I don't really see how calling the company and saying, "cancel So&So's dress" is messing up the order.

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It sounds like they failed to place the order timely. I wouldn't raise too much hell until the dresses are in to avoid any other potential problems.

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nah it's Bill Levkof with the issue cause my BMs have the same designer and we had the same issue. like two BMs got their dresses ordered together and my MOH did hers later, but only two came in and one i had to wait forever for. the dresses just came in a few weeks ago and i ordered them in feb so believe me it's not the shops fault, it's the big time company and i too got the same deal on their dresses cause i got mine at a small shop also
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Your wedding is still far enough off. Do not sweat this. If the dresses arrive in late August, you still have three months until the wedding date.

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I remember reading something a while back that there were some labor issues at some of the dress makers plants in China - not positive but I think Bill Levkoff was one of the designers affected by this.

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While it's of little condolence to you, there is a huge labor issue in China right now, where most dresses are made. Over half the designers are experiencing delays.

I'd be talking to the store owner about a drop dead date- where you get a full refund for your dresses purchased.

And if they do arrive in late August, that's PLENTY of time for alterations!

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It is common for dresses to take 4 to 6 months to come in, due to the fact that most of them come from China. Don't stress you still have time. They should have told you when to expect them so that it would cause you unnecessary worry. If they didn't, call them and find out write it on the calendar and follow up from there.
Just stay calm and reasonable with them when you call.

In the meantime you can start looking at shoes online and in stores. That way when they do come in you have started the process. If your girls live close by spend the time together looking and enjoying each others company!

Good luck and remember to take a deep breath, relax and try hard not to worry about it! Everything will work out just fine! Enjoy your last few months of planning!

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You don't need to sweat it yet, but instead of just riding the store, ask them to tell you when you will have them in hand. Not maybe, not hopefully, not expected - ask them to get the timeframe from whoever supplies them with the dress, or give you the contact info so you can do it yourself. It's not too late, but you don't want to let this slip, either.

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your designer does his dress making in china; right now they are going through some issues with employee dissension (over wages i hear) so many, many designers are having to push their orders back as much as 10 months!

if you have a reference or order number you could call them directly to ask, if you are really worried, which i can definitely understand!

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I think you are over-reacting. Your wedding is in december. You're fine.

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you have plenty of time- breathe.

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I had no idea that there was an issue going on in China. Thank you ladies for keeping me informed. I feel SO much better.

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Thanks for the info! I am having similar problems and with the same manufacturer. My dresses came in a little later than the shop initially told me, but so far all of them have been the wrong size (too small)! My wedding is 10/1, and they told one of the girls the correct size would not be in until the 2nd week in Sept. Although I'm sure that is enough time to have it altered, it means she will have to rush around trying to schedule a fitting right before the wedding.

I am calling the shop today to see what we can work out - I certainly don't want to blame the shop if there are manufacturing issues, but I'd like to see a good faith effort on their part to help resolve this.

You definitely have some time, but do keep in touch with the shop. Bill Levkoff also has a "Contact Us" link on their website that opens an email form. Good luck!

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I am beyond frustrated and pissed with Bill Levkoff right now. My bridal salon flip flopped sizes for my two sisters' dresses. My wedding is at the end of August and BL is not allowing a rush for a new size for the small one and NOW they are even saying that they can't send fabric! WTH - I mean first of all I can't imagine that they can't produce a dress in 5 weeks and NOW they can't put a yard of fabric in the mail.

Sorry for the rant and I know this post is over a year old, but I just feel like if you are a designer in the bridal sect you should be prepared to troubleshoot errors, even if they aren't yours. Now the boutique is gonna have to add inches on the side of the dress using the left over fabric from the other dress's alterations! Although I still love the selection and the dresses BL offers - I would DEF would not recommend this designer due to their ridiculous timeframes. These are bridesmaid dresses NOT wedding dresses BILL! Geesh!
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