Bridal Party enterance Songs
Do each person in your bridal party get announced to a different song or is it the same for each person?

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Same song for the whole party...Different song for you and your husband :-). At least that was how it has been at all the weddings i've been to.

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i think we are doing the same song for the bridal party, then the entrance for us would be different. We love country music so it is def gonna be most likely 2 country songs. But I love the song...tonights gonna be a good night (and i think that is pretty cool for the bridal party). My friend who is getting married in May is doing different song for BM and GM, then different song for themselves. So it really all depends what you want. You can make it your own
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We've had many brides use the same song for them as their bridal party. We play the volume lower while the bridal party is being introduced, then turn it up for a grand entrance for the bride and groom. It turns out great!

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I think we are going to do the same song for everyone. The entrance/introductions go by so quickly you will only hear a few seconds of the song anyway. I like Squawkboxsound's idea.

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SquawkboxSound what are some songs that folks typically use for the BP entrance? I think we will definitely use the same song. We only have 2 bm and 2 gm. It wouldn't make sense to switch songs lol.

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Yes I'm thinking we'll just use the one song for the whole bridal party including me and FH. I'm interested in hearing what other people are using. Like Jenn, I like "Tonights gonna be a good night" so we may use that.

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Just for an idea, I'm considering these ladylee:

The way you make me feel - Michael Jackson
Let's get ready to rumble - Jock Jams
Bring 'em out - T.I.
Thunderstruck - ACDC

And a popular one for this year is I Got a Feeling by Black Eyed Peas.

Hope this helps a little bit!

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Thanks Amanda. I love having an MJ song! Bring em out would be cute too. Thanks for the suggestions!

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We are going to be using the same song for the whole thing and we are going to be using Chris Brown's "Forever." My FH loves that song and he picked it out.

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LOL I love the Let's Get Ready To Rumble idea! I wonder what my FH would think...

Blue Rose Music

Blue Rose Music
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You can do it however you want! Many of the weddings I've attended have done both!

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Actually, me and my FH are doing something a little less traditionally. We're having our mothers being introduced to "Mother" by Danzig, our bridesmaids/MOH introduced to "Legs" by ZZ Top, our groomsmen/BM introduced to "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top, and the hubby and I will be coming out to "Gimme All Your Lovin" by ZZ Top. =)
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ladylee, these are the ones that are most common for our clients:

Martin Motorsports
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i'm going to have FH walk down to a song, all GM walk down to the same song but different than FH song, all BM walk down to same song but different than GM, and I'll walk down to a my song. We'll all walk out to the same song.

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We are going to use lets get ready to rumble. I am trying my best to have FH change his mind about the Rocky theme song. I want my wedding ceremony to reflect my refined side with a string quartet and then the reception is going to be fun! We are doing MJ thiller dance during the reception with all of my bridal party.


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Simply put, there's no "right" way to do it. Sometimes each member of the wedding party will have something specific played (e.g. Bad Boys if they are a Cop!), and sometimes it's just one song for everyone in the wedding party. What I recommend when the couple has no preference is one song for all except the B & G and one song for the B & G.

The reason I do that is because once I've introduced the party, I want to kill the music so that the couple gets a BIIIG entrance all to themselves, rather than just tacking it on at the end of the bridesmaids, etc. I really emphasize a big start for the couple so I like to play a new tune for them to come into - it's their day after all. Just my 2c...
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