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Anyone know good places for bridal lingerie? I've looked at VS and Fredericks online and nothing really stood out. Its hard to find something special for that night and different than what I already have. Anyone else having that problem?

Also, I'm an A cup so it's difficult to find lingerie that fits me. Any of my other small chested ladies found a good place for lingerie? Bridal or otherwise.

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OMG yes, I was looking for so long. Then went and bought some simple white panties from VS and called it good. I won't be needing a bra since it's part of my corset from Davids Bridal.

Later my friend got me this super cute combo from VS and I'll be wearing those panties because they're exactly like what I wanted. I was going to give you a link but I can't find it online anymore. Guess they don't have it. I also got some cute "I do" panties from anothrer friend also from VS. I guess you just have to keep your eye out for stuff like that. Seems like sometimes they have a ton of stuff and other times they don't.

I tried searching online but it seems to only lead me to websites with all kinds of raunchy lingerie and what not so I feel weird buying from there.

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got my bra from VS multi-way push up (and panties which are adorbs) but American Eagle Outfitters has the softest lace panties right now I might just wear those instead

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I had that problem as well, although I've got more bust than all 3 of you ladies together probably which only complicates things more. LOL I kind of piece mealed an outfit together. A teddy from Fredericks, 'just married' panties from Target and a lacy bra from Ross. I didn't want to spend a lot as I hardly ever wear it, but did invest in a really pretty silk robe from Fredericks that I can wear for years to come.

With your wedding in the Spring, you may be able to find some great stuff around Valentine's Day since there is always a lot of choices around that time. Or if you are looking for something a bit more naughty, check out your local adult 'bookstore'. They would probably have all kinds of fun stuff!

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Yay! I ordered mine this morning. I was having the same issues-one, I'm a b cup so a lot of lingerie doesn't fit right and two, I wanted something different. They have just about everything-sweet and raunchy. I have never worn anything from them, but I ordered my bf's lingerie gift from there and it was very good quality. She loved it. Happy shopping!

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I had the same problem finding something different than what I already had. I found a website called and it's been my BF ever since. Here's the link.

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Thanks ladies!! has a wide section and decent prices. :-)
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