Bridal entrance music
I REALLY don't want to do a traditional wedding march when I come down the isle. I was thinking about just an intrumental version of a popular song, but I want it to be sort of dramatic. Any body have any ideas?

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I'm walking to Jambi-Tool. NOT instrumental...bring in the rawk! =)

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I'm doing a string version of "Can't help falling in love."

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Im using the forest gump theme music....i love it!!!!

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I'm about 80% sure I'm walking to "All Your Life" by The Band Perry. Not a string version. We'll see...

Interested to see what people come up with for OP...

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I'm thinking about walking down to a guitar-only version of Here Comes the Sun. That's not very dramatic though. I would suggest thinking of a song you love and then searching for an instrumental version and/or asking your musicians if they can do it. That's what I did!

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Why does it have to be instrumental? If you want dramatic, I would think the original song that you love is just fine! =)

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i'm not doing traditional or instrumental - my BP is walking to the hawaiian version of 'somewhere over the rainbow,' and i have the Train song "marry me." it's a bit cliche but the first time i heard it i knew i wanted it!

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I wanted to stay instrumental too (not sure why, I think lyrics are perfectly fine). If you look up Vitamin String quartet, they do a lot of covers of very popular/modern songs.

I'm walking down the aisle to the Glasgow Love theme - this is the piano only version:

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You want dramatic? Do what I was going to do- the instrumental version of "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve (I think Vitamin String Quartet does it), and have the doors open when the music picks up at about 49 seconds in.

Can't get much more dramatic than that- it gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.

Here it is:
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