Breaking Bread Ceremony
My future husband has two boys, and I have one boy. I read a brief post about a break-breaking ceremony to unite our family at our wedding. The bride and groom will each break off a piece of bread and eat it, and then invite other family members (our boys) to do the same. Does anyone have more information on this, i.e. what the officiant would be expected to say? Our Minister is not familiar with this. Thank you for any assistance / guidance you can provide.

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there is actually a Polish tradition that is kind of similar. (it's for the parents of the Bride and groom to present to newlyweds, but it could work in this situation, too). It's a little different, but basically this is what happens: The Bride and Groom are being greeted by their parents with bread and salt and a glass of wine.

The parents sprinkle the bread with salt and give it to the newlyweds to eat. The bread represents the parents hope that their children will never experience hunger or need, the salt reminds the couple that their life may be difficult at times and they must learn together to cope with life's struggles.

The parents now present the glass of wine to the Bride and Groom to drink. With the wine, the parents hope that they will never thirst and that they will have a life of good health and cheer and share the company of many good friends.

The parents now join in kissing the bride and groom as a welcome to the family and as a sign of their love and unity.

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slightly altered, something similar to that might work

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Thank you for this information! I think I can definitely work with this.

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I officiated a Russian wedding with a similar custom. After the ceremony, the MOB (who spoke no English) presented to the B&G a rather flat, round loaf of bread that she had baked. B&G each took a big bite of the bread (the one who took the biggest got to be the "boss"). They each then took a pinch of salt (a reminder that life can sometimes be bitter/there may be tears). Then each guest (and I) took a bite of bread (it was a small wedding) and a pinch of salt.

I marry couples from all over the world and love learning their different customs!
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