bra with corset dress?
can you wear a bra with a corset back dress? I just bought a strapless white bra, but now I'm thinking it will show, because my corset doesn't close completely (you can see my back through the lace up part). Should I just go bare-boobin' on the wedding day?

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Most corset back dresses have an 'insert' that goes under the laces in the back because when a corset back is fitted properly the laces should go down in a V shape, which will always leave skin showing. Have you gotten your dress already? Did it not come with an insert?
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You can also have cups sewn into your dress. They have cups at Jo-Ann fabrics.

(Yes. I just admitted to knowing a sewing store well enough to know product IN the store).

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Here is a pic that you can kinda see the insert behind the laces.
Also FYI I went bare under my dress because my long line bra was NOT comfortable. I am a card carrying member of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee LOL) barely a B cup and my dress was snug and had boning so I wasn't afraid of a wardrobe malfunction.

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Hey dress twin : ) My dress came with an insert like mentioned above, you might want to consider contatcing AA if you didn't get one. Also, you might want to exchange your strapless for the kind that has the hook & eyes all the way down your back (as opposed to just 2 or 3. This will give you better support, and it sits lower in the back, so it's less likely to be visible.

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Yes, Ashley has a good point, a long line bra is made for dresses with a lower back, so give one of those a try.

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I would say go without one, unless you really need it.

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Absolutely...AA provides that "modesty" panel for the lace ups. In my case it was more like a patch for hiding the back fat.

According to AA, each dress designer has different cuts, so your under garment will show in their cut, again according to AA. my case, everything I bought had to be taken back because it did show. That's how I got stuck paying $65 for a corset I will never ever ever wear again.

Lynley...If you can get away with it, ditch the corset. Those suckers hurt like hell.

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welp, I'm dumb lol. For some reason I was thinking the modesty panel on my dress didn't go all the way to the top of the laces, but I just looked at my pics of me in the dress and it does. *facepalm*

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I consider a corset to be the substitution of a bra. In fact I find corsets to be way more comfortable and easier on my back than bras are.

If your dress is a corset and it's falling down or sliding down when you move, then either the corset needs to be tighter or the dress is too big and needs to be taken in. You shouldn't need a bra at all in a corset dress.

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If you do wear undergarments make sure that they are flesh colored. If you wear white undergarments under a white (or any type of the color white) you will be able to see it. If you wear a flesh tone it will not be seen. For an experiment put on a white bra and then a white shirt; you will be able to see your bra. Put on a flesh toned bra and a white shirt and you will see nothing. I'm sure that you wont want your bra to be seen through your white dress and even if you didn't have an insert in the back it will be less detectible with a flesh toned bra then a white one especially if you wear a veil.

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Don't facepalm Lynley, but do have the seamstress sew in cups if you want some support. I'm having them sewn into mine so I don't have to deal with a strapless bar under my dress.

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Carole B you are hilarious!

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My dress has the insert but I wanted to mention that in the store, I had a long strapless under bra thingie :) Anyway, when I got home, I tried the dress on again, just because I had to and without anything. For me it was like wow, I need to go and buy a bra, it looked MUCH better... So if you haven't tried one, you may want to. It made such a difference to me.. And I would hae never thought to do that..

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AA told me they could add cups to the dress that I purchased and I believe I have the same dress as you from the pictures you have posted. Check with them about adding the cups in.

If they can't add the cups I will be "bare-boobin' on the wedding day" as you mentioned in your post. You couldn't pay me enough to wear a corset.

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I had push up cups added to my corset dress. Best decision EVER! The girls looks great, no bra (DS liked that) and they were in there nice and tight, I didn't yank at my dress once!

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I'm part if the big chest club and I'm not planning on wearing a bra under mine. It has optional straps so I am going to put those on and make sure everything fits snug. It wouldn't be the first time I've done it and it didn't look bad at all. I find it really hard to find a bra that fits comfortable because most bras have a wire and I find that VERY uncomfortable.
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