Bouquet vases during the reception?
Has anyone done something like this for their MOH/BMs:
I think it's cute, and a clever idea.
Even if you just used them yourself, and not as gifts, what was your experience - was it worth it? Did they topple over?

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I have decided not to do vases. I do not want to save the flowers, so I will just have the girls lay their boquets in specific places. One less thing to worry about.

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Using the bouquets as decoration for the head table (or cake table, etc) is a great way to save some money on reception flowers. We didn't buy the vases though, just laid them in strategic places around the table.

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We decided to do that for our head table since we are using real flowers and it will prevent them from drying up. The caterer is going to get vases for the flowers and decorate them to make them look nice for the table.

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Those are so pretty and creative. We are saving money though and just using the flowers as a double duty to decorate our table.

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Yes, I did it, but I just used the vases I had under my sink from the flowers DH has sent me over the years.
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Great idea to have the vases engraved for your bridesmaids. Very cute. If you're having hand-tied bouquets, they will stay pretty much longer if in water. As a Floral Designer, I always deliver mine in a simple vase so the flowers can have a little drink between photos and the ceremony, then again during the reception. It's so easy for the girls to just set the vases on the head table (or wherever desired) once they're done with them, and the bouquets will look fresh all night!

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I bought vases at the dollar store so they would all match and will use them to decorate our head table. That way you get two uses out of the bouquets!

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I am going to be doing this, my florist suggested it and it will be our head table decorations. Talk with your florist they might be able to get you a good deal on vases. My is charging my $5 per vase and we just need 5 vases and we get to keep the vases. I thought it was a pretty reasonable price and a great idea to use the bouquets.
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And as long as the vases aren't too short for the bouquets, or too narrow they shouldn't topple over.

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To echo what many of you said, I too was thinking they would be a good way to decorate the head table. I do plan on having the flowers hand tied. I haven't spoken to a florist yet (about this idea/vases), these just caught my eye b/c you get them engraved, so I was thinking it would be a nice keepsake for the bridal party.

If I were to get them from a florist, where could I go to get them engraved, and would it be any cheaper in the long run? (even if the florist only charges me $5, how much will it cost to get engraved?) Things Remembered is the only engraving place that comes to mind, but they do jewelry and other silver things, right?
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