Boudoir Photo Album...HELP.....
Ok, gals & gents I've finally decided to take on the daunting task of putting together the album for FS. I want a good quality book with good quality paper...and most importantly: the site HAS to be user friendly. I don't have a price point & I'd like to stick to because I want this to be a long term investment.

I started to upload on BUT I wanted to read their policies & noticied they don't allow pornography...dunno if this would be considered soft porn or not.....

If anyone has experience doing this, please let me know which site you used & whether you'd recommend it. Please & thank you!!

Vendors your opinions & advice are more than welcomed :)

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try it and see, I don't consider it porn...

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i work in a photo lab, there has to be sexual acts. insertion oral and such, if theyre just nudies you should be fine.
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Personally for a budget friendly album, I'd recommend that you go with Blurb. I've used their stuff before, Amber got her album done through Blurb and was happy with it as well. Some of the images were ones that you all DIDN'T see and they were printed just fine. ;)

And it's art.

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I've looked at Mpix and seems like they have great products. I'm going to use them for my parents album when I get my disk.
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I always recommend MPIX, they are a bit more costly, it's also a couple steps up in quality!
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I second Matt, MPIX is great. Like he said, they are a bit more $ but not enough to break the bank and the quality is definately worth it!

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Wow! That's a good idea Mrs. P . Are you taking them yourself or having someone take them for you? Goodluck!

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I recently have used Shutterfly... and LOVED it. It is super user friendly, and great quality in the book (bind) and the paper. Never thought I would get so addicted to a site like that!! :)
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She already had them taken, they were posted a couple weeks ago. :)

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I like as well. It's VERY user friendly (click and drag, drop and click menus for colors). My mom, who can't seem to upload pics to snapfish, can use this site, lol. The books are good quality and the price is pretty good.

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Thanks all for the advice, I'm going to check all the different sites you recommended.

@Nicole, my photog took them for me back in July....when I find the link, I'll re-post it.

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I like Matt's suggestion, although I have never used Blurb.

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I've used Shutterfly as well and the book turned out great. Awesome quality and great prices AND you can get lots of free stuff. ;-)

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@Matt thanks for the link to mpix..thats exactly what I wanted!!!

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I've made many boudior books on picaboo so I know they're fine with it. Never noticed a no porno warning, that's funny!
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If price isn't an issue, then why not go through your photographer and have her/him design your album for you and use a higher-end album company for it's production? Most photographers design pretty amazing album layouts these days and are able to place orders through really great album companies that aren't accessible to the general public. There is a huge difference in the quality of these albums in my opinion (gorgeous cover options, thick pages, lay-flat binding) and as an investment piece it might be worth looking into. Hope this helps!
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