Boring weddings?
Ok, so i'm re-posting my response to someone else's thread, in hopes to start a new one ;) lol has anyone ever been to a wedding and/or reception, and been bored to tears?? (no real names, please. let's spare the boring...) Here's mine:

...a less than eventful reception at one of my cousins' weddings... it was a 10am ceremony, and we were told that the reception is over at 4 (it was in a restaurant, so we HAD to be out). to start, it was a cramped room, and she had a friend play DJ for the afternoon... he didn't have a playlist going, so every 10-15 minutes, the music would stop for a good 6-10 minutes. (most) everyone got so bored, that there are pics (she doesn't know; she was having a great time, thank goodness) of people sleeping on their plates because dinner wasn't being served until 3. Yes, 3. did i mention that the reception end time was 4pm??

Entertainment was one of my must haves.... lol

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LOL I'm wondering which thread THAT was :-))))

I've always had great times so can't complain about that. I could tell you a whole lot about food though!

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I have been to some REALLY LONG weddings and I must have ADHD because it's very hard for me to sit still.

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ohhhhh yes. been to many, many, many weddings. the most boring wedding I've been to was supposed to start a 3pm but the bride didn't walk down the aisle til 3hrs later. yup 3hrs of waiting in a sweltering church on a hot summer day. the reception was an hours drive away and after the cocktail hour we waited another hr for the bridal party to return from taking pics. The couple is a christian couple and there was no bar or much secular music. Mostly gospel. I had to literally fight to keep my eyes open. Not only was this the most boring wedding but it was the LONGEST.

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Guilty!!! My cousins wedding. I thought it was going to be great but it wasn't. The ceremony lasted 10 min. Yep you read that correctly 10 min. And then We waited over 3 1/2 HOURS just for them and their bridal party to arrive at the reception when at the ceremony the announcment was to head straight there??? I was STARVING!!!
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3 hours? Kudos to both of you. I would be long gone.

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I have! And not only was us boring but the bride and groom seemed to essentially IGNORE their guests. The only time they interacted with the guests was the receiving line and when FH and I asked to take a picture with them. The reception was at the church where the ceremony was, but we still waited forever for the reception to actually start. Then dinner was served and they cut the cake and that was it. No speeches or bouquet toss or dances or anything. I don't mind that because we will not be having dancin but we have games and such to entertain and interact with guests. It felt like FH and I drove 3 hours to get there, sit around for a while, then drive all the way home. The best part was when we were leaving, we passed the sanctuary of the church and the groom and one or two others were just sitting in there playing music while all te guests were downstairs bored out of their MINDS

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I went to one that not only was boring, and crowded, but the bride was shaking and crying the whole way up the long long aisle. I was afraid she was going to have a heart attack. She was a skinny, skinny girl too, and her dress was so big and froofy it looked like it was going to swallow her and made her look more like a little girl playing in her mothers gown.

Not nice of me to say, but the honest truth.

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Did I miss something again? Damn, stop to finish up wedding plans and I miss some good stuff.

I am 51, so I have been to a great many truly boring weddings. The worst was absolutely one we had to drive from Philly to Evansville, Indiana. We rented a red Saab that screamed, "Pull me over." Yes, we were pulled over for allegedly speeding.

We booked a room at the suggested hotel, a Comfort Inn. Comfort Inns are okay with me. They are usually clean, etc. However, this one was the exception. It stunk of mildew. It looked like the kind of place one would rent by the hour. I put towels on top of the comforter and slept on them. I showered with flip flops. DH sprayed his cologne in the vents.

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Fast forward to the wedding:

1. It was a dry wedding. However, guests were welcome to bring their own cooler. They didn't even have soft drinks. Nada to drink.

2. Apparently, we were expected to bring lawn chairs. We didn’t get that memo.

3. It was vegan. Yes, the entire menu was vegan. Did I mention we traveled from Philly?

4. It was “casual”. So, I wore a jean skirt and nice top and DH wore jeans and a tropical shirt. We both wore jewelry that we would normally wear out. So, we drived up to the house where the wedding was in the red Saab and we looked like Joe Pesci and Marissa Tomei. We seriously stood out. One of the relatives said, “Oh you must be John’s friend from Philadelphia.”

5. There was no music and no dancing. Everyone was just sitting around telling dirty jokes. While I appreciate a good dirty joke, I wouldn't drive to Indiana.

We stayed for one hour and hit McD's. I was dying for a burger.

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The most boring wedding I been to had me and a bunch of my friends get up after 4 hours, leave, and literally travel to D.C. for the night to go party...We got pizza on the way.

They had like 30 speeches from different people. The food was not good. They were saying things that only the family would know. We gifted and left to go have fun.

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Ok, now I'm paranoid that someone is going to think our reception boring LOL! Sure hope not as I have put so many hours and so much of myself into it. But I know guests will be fed well and hopefully we can dance the night away - or at least until us old fogies get sleepy!

I have not been to any boring weddings thank goodness! Well, other than my sister's first which was held at a social hall and as soon as the ceremony was over everyone changed clothes to start bowling! That's one I could have done without - must have been a harbinger of things to come 'cause that wedding didn't last long.

Her second wedding was at home and while it was just a cake and beverages (and thanks to a margarita machine) everyone still had a good time I think.

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wow!! some of these weddings are pretty bad...Dry weddings aren't so bad if you have great friends and family surrounding you. My cousins all had dry weddings because our family is very christian....but the only boring wedding I can think of FMIL...her wedding was on the day of Hurricane Irene so we are all rushing trying to get to the church with the wind blowing very heavily because we had to hand out programs since we were the hostesses....then the wedding was supposed to start at 1:30 didn't start until 2 not bad but I already did not want to be there....she sang "At Last" while walking down the aisle so yeah very slow walk down the aisle..Me and FSIL had to stand up the entire time at the back of the church while the ceremony went on and then had to continue to stand afterwards while they were taking pictures because there was no where to sit and we had to hold the doors open..It starts pouring and trees are blowing everywhere like crazy because the hurricane is basically here...

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We get to the restaurant where the reception was held and yeah very boring - nothing but gospel music...and I'm not knocking gospel music there are some good ones but of course he played the ones that were all slow as if I was in church - boring!!! Luckily me and FH had a cruise to go too along with FMIL and her husband (would never do that again lol) so we left....yup the bride and groom left their guests at the wedding reception LOL - I know they were bored out of their minds because I heard people left after like 15 minutes after us.

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The one that stands out for me was a former co-worker's wedding. The ceremony was in a small, very hot church. She walked down the aisle to "I Do" by 98 Degrees which was played on a cassette tape ON A BOOM BOX!! (This was about 10 years ago). The reception was at a restarurant - the food was OK but what stood out was the DJ - he kept getting the bride's name wrong and played awful music. NO ONE was dancing. It was boring and quite akward. We left after about an hour.

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I have only been to 4 weddings and 3 out of 4 of those weddings were extremely boring and all for the same reasons: the DJ was terrible. Three out of 4 weddings that I have been to have had DJs so bad that no one danced and everyone sat at their tables all night. I honestly felt really bad for those couples.

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FH and I attended a boring wedding a few months ago

- It was a dry wedding
- The music being played was not "all inclusive" and not many people got up to dance
- "Cocktail hour" consisted of sitting around for 90 mins- no food or beverage

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I went to one that was pretty boring...until the Grooms dad gave us money to run to walmart to buy beer cans to tie to the car. So me, fiance and a few friends went to wally world, bought beer,marker, and shaving creme. None of us BTW was in the Bridal party. Got back to the church and was like, well we have to empty the cans now. So you know, we cant we drank a 16 pack in about 5 minutes outside the church. Suddenly the wedding was AWESOME! A few members of the BP who had wandered out to get a smoke break was drafted to help us finish the beers. They were like..we dont know you...but you have beer so your our bestie now haha.
ahhh good times. Hope we aren't going to he** for that one!

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The only boring wedding I've been to was due to poor timing. The ceremony was a catholic mass which was fine just very long followed by a 2 hr break in between with nothing to do. Then the reception was slow with a boring DJ. We left about 9 and food was just being served mind you the ceremony started at 4pm.

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The most borings I've been to are a tie between a brutally long Catholic ceremony (doubly hard for me, since I'm an atheist), and one where I happened to be seated next to The Most Boring Woman Alive-- had to be. I mentioned her to the bride after the wedding, and my friend was most apologetic that I got stuck next to MBWE.

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@ Carole M..a dirty joke wedding..lmbo..i would definitely need a few cocktails to enjoy that one..haha! :)
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