Blue Orchids...
I am considering using silk flowers for my bouquet. My colors are blue, purple, and silver. The only thing is the flower I REALLY want (blue orchid) is no where to be found in the artificial flower world! If anyone knows where I can buy some so I can make my bouquet, please let me know! Thanks!
I've attached pictures of the flower.

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Raptor Bride
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Those would be dendrobium orchids.. I'm not sure that you'll find them fake maybe try your local florists or michaels to see they can get them..

I used them for my wedding and my bouquet was really cheap! maybe it wouldn't hurt to see how much they cost fresh? :)

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I also used fresh orchids in my bouquet. I had mokara orchids, but my bouqet was very reasonably priced as well. If you shop around you can find someon to make your bridal bouquet fresh with the perfect flower for a reasonable price. Many articifial orchids don't do the flower justice. If possible I would try to get a fresh bouquet.

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Im using blue orchids for my wedding as well, but my cousins making my bouqet, I think artifical ones you might be able to find at Michaels or Joanns or Ac Moore, but reals ones might not be expesive either!

Hayley C™
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$115 for this one already created... I think it is silk... you can ask...
or talk to a florist on what the price for a real one is... might not be too much more????

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Of all places but I did see blue orchid at home depot. Not too pricey either

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for my bridal pics im going to get this bouquet done and i was quotes about 145

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I am sorry that I can't help you find them, but I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

They are so pretty!! I hope you find some somewhere, somehow, someway! lol

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Hayley, I messaged the lady from Etsy about the flowers to see if they are artificial. Thanks!

I could do fresh... but I kind of wanted to be able to keep my bouquet (i'll buy an extra to toss).. but maybe I should just do fresh if this lady from Etsy doesnt work out. Thanks everyone!

Raptor Bride
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My bouquet cost $80 and looks almost exactly the same as yours... what state are you in?

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Hey you have the same colors as me (passion, Blue topaz, and silver)!!!!! I am getting preserved orchids. I will post the link.....hold on!!!!

You can go to your florist and have them died with the blue. or diy
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That one chick who's married to that one dude
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I actually found them on one site (warning, they require a $50 min purchase) But they are sillk.

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Those are one of the flowers I'm using in my wedding! But I'm using real flowers. :-\ Sorry I can't help you in finding silk or fake orchids! They're gorgeous though! I think they would look more gorgeous if they were fresh compared to a fake one.

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Wow, the flowers look so beautiful and I like them very much.With the decoration of them, your wedding must be more impressive.

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Yay, Hayley C.!!! Thanks so much for posting that Etsy link.
The lady is going to hand dye them for me. They are going to look perfect. They will be made from silk flowers-- which is what I really wanted. I know a lot of ppl say the fresh look better but I've been in lots of weddings and sometimes the fresh are a hassle and the silk look just as pretty if done right!
I think this lady on etsy is really impressive. She deals with silk and real flowers. She's going to make me a smaller toss bouquet and the groom's bout for just over $100 and I can keep it forever! :) I'm super excited!

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I'm posting what my bouquet will look like (prolly a tad bigger). The bridesmaids will have white rose bouquets and the groomsmen bouts will be a white rose. The Groom's bout will be a double bloom orchid to match my bouquet.

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Thanks to all- I love the orchid. My colors are blue and purple. I now know what the flower will be.
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We offer blue violet orchids by the stem or we can design your entrie wedding flowers. Here is a photo of a bouquet we recently shipped to Texas, the rest of the photos are on our Facebook page. www.facebook/

The brides bouquet has purple feathers, crytals, hydrangeas and many Blue Violet orchids.

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