Blue, Latte, Champagne
I'm having a bit of trouble picking my wedding colors. The colors in my title are the ones I want but I've never seen them together. I'm thinking about visiting Hobby Lobby and looking at flowers to see if the color scheme looks good. My dress is champagne and my fiance' will be wearing a champagne tux. ( I like black though, but disregard that). In addition, my fiance's favorite color is blue. I'm not fund of the Tiffany blue though. I was thinking a royal blue, or antique blue, perhaps Navy. The only reason why I'm using Latte is for the groomsmen tux and the Maid of Honor. I cant have them walking down the isle in black. I would probably add the blue to the guys hankerchief and vests. I dont want the dark brown, just a lighter version since I'll go with the royal or antique blue. Please, please respond.

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I think you should definitely pull together the colors you like for a test run before you make your final decision. You may be surprised and all the colors will look fantastic together. We did a chocolate and blue theme. I would think Latte and blue would look great as well. My dress was ivory with a champagne sash and my groom wore a black tux with a vest and bow tie in champange to match my dress. I actually picked our colors by thinking of the flowers that were in bloom during the season of our June Wedding. We had a lot of flowers and it was far more economical to select something in season than something imported. The blue hydrangeas with the vendella roses that are a vanilla color looked fantastic. Ask your florist for recommendations for that time of year. Have fun and good luck!

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You're getting married at the end of summer, but right before fall. So, the Tiffany Blue (if I can remember, it's a soft light blue) could work if you're gearing your wedding towards the summer end. The royal blue (very pretty!!!) would look nice and sophisticated if you're going more towards the fall season. Now, the latte...I've never seen that color...when I think of it, I think of brown? Is it a dark brown? If so, if you decide to go with the royal blue and have to dark colors with the champagne being the neutral color. I don't know if those two dark colors would really complement the wedding party.

I would definitely go to David's Bridal (or another wedding store) and pick up a catalog and look at the colors in there. You might get some ideas.

My faves for a fall wedding (which I don't see often) are a chocolate and cream, champagne or beige. And, you can always have black as an additional color.

I hope this helps.

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Go to David's Bridal and look at the color Serene. It's not a light blue and it's not a navy blue. My dress is champagne with a mocha/latte sash and I"m having serene colored bridesmaid dresses. It looks really good together (well, at least I think it does! hahaha)

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I'm so happy right now. I bought a wedding book and I saw the colors I want to use in the invitations. I also saw some dresses that I like. It wasnt at David's Bridal but an online store. I know I shouldnt buy anything online though. I may just buy one dress and chuck it up. Just to see the quality. I think I'm still going to Hobby Lobby though to look at colors.

By the way, I went online and looked at the color Serene. It is a pretty color. We have the same taste.
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Since blue comes in so many shades you have options. Latte and champagne are more of your mid-colors(not dark or light) so why not try a mid-shade of the blue like sky or baby. Those might be a little softer to bring out your champagne and latte, unless you want that bold look. I want to add a thank you; you are getting married on my birthday. Anyway have you though about hiring a professional? They can help with these types of things so you don't have to. Where are you getting married?

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Don't know if you've already picked bridesmaid dresses or if you're still looking but Ann Taylor has a bunch of new dresses and the colors in their line this spring are shades of blue, some champagnes, and one latte colored dress. They are knee length, strapless dresses but very pretty. I am using them in my wedding (August). They are definitely dresses the girls can wear again and not some that will go straight to the back of their closets. I think your color scheme sounds great! Try looking at the flower Dhalia. It comes in lots of shapes and colors...a great alternative to the traditional roses you see at every wedding.

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Hi ms_shelli29,

I see you've found your colors for your invites do you have a monogram for for your invites and favors I can create a few for you at no cost theres no catch im just building my portfolio. Contact me at

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