Birth Control or other remedies to stop your period on your wedding day?
So I just looked at my calendar and realized that my period is scheduled to happen around my wedding day. I don't want that to happen. I haven't taken birth control going on 3 yrs now but I have seen of birth controls that will delay or stop your period. Does anyone know the names of them or any remedies? I would like to know of those that will not make you gain weight as well. I generally am so against birth controls that stop your period but I would like to avoid it just this once to enjoy my wedding day with no worries and of course to enjoy my night with my husband to be on our wedding night and honeymoon. Thanks!

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Hi Sha Terra M. I wish I knew the names of those pills too! I'll be following this. ;) I am in the same boat as you (and our wedding are one day apart-crazy!) Anyway I have a link to an old post you might find helpful. Not sure how you;ll feel about it (parsely tea apparently makes your period come sooner?!) Anyway I am going to give it a shot this month and see if it hleps. I'll share it in case you're interested too:

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Thanks! I'll check it out. I hope others respond as well. And yes we're a day apart lol. That's great!!

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I used to skip my period all the time with the pill..and you can do it with ANY brand, doesn't have to be a certain one. I am currently on Lo Loestrin FE though (the lowest possible dose you can get) and I haven't had a period since Jan when I started it, if I get bleeding, it literally lasts a couple hours and is very minimal. Talk to your doc, any brand they prescribe you just simply skip the "inactive" pills and start your new pack on the first day of your inactive pill and you may get some spotting depending on your body, but no period.

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I know you skip with just about any- but if you haven't done it often you will still spot. I'm also in the period close the the wedding date boat, but mine will be right after, so i'll just be pmsing the whole wedding and the period on the honeymoon.

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Go talk to your OB/GYN right away. It can take a couple of months for you to change your cycle and while you are trying to change you may get spotting. Definitely don't want that surprise on your wedding day. Talked to mine about this at my annual. She said to come talk to her at least two months out, more is better, but you don't have a lot of time. You will need him/her to prescribe them anyway. You are probably thinking of Yaz, which is often taken in a 3 month cycle to give you 1 period every three months.

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same boat, same weekend.. girls who try the 'parsley tea' shawna posted about, PLEASE make a thread about it and let us know if it worked for you!!

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I'm on depo vera, which is the birth control shot and it definitely stops your period... Now, I believe I've gained weight on this, but not immediately. I've been on it for about a year and a half, and I feel that I only gained weight just in the past few months, so you might be good with that.

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Evening Primrose & Red Rasberry is what I used on a day I didn't want to bleed. I would start taking it the day before two at two to three times a day. It really worked for me.

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I was planning on going on depo 2 months before that way I can be sure and since every 3 months you get it. I figure once we return from the honey moon no need to get it anymore.

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I have used the Depo shot before and it completely stopped my period. BUT for me there was weight gain and mood swings. I have found that the side effects usually taper off toward the middle of the 3 month cycle. So I plan on getting the shot about a month and a half before the wedding.

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I got what is called the implanon put in back in April had my time of the month end of April abduction haven't had it since. I love it.

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I agree w/ Keli716; I've done that on plenty occasions where you skip your last row and immediately start your new pack.

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Hey ladies,

i'm a bit late for this conversation but i found a site with tips exactly for this occasion:

very useful and it helped a friend of mine so i will give it a try too :)
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