Bill me later... It makes no sense to me!!! Help!
FH has a bill me later account. First time he got an email about the email came directly from ebay saying he was pre-approved for it and as a special offer if a purchase was made before June 30 he had 6 months to pay. Well the first time I try and use it it didn't work, and I made a post about it, and someone had said that it probably didn't work because he wasn't signed up with Bill Me Later. Well he signed up and made an account, so I figure now it should work. Well last night I try ordering my boots, it still won't work. So what's the point of it allowing you to sing up and have an account when you can't use it? Anyone know what's going on?

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I would call Ebay customer service, or send them an email to figure this out. (Also just as a side, it is always better to only buy what you can pay for now, in cash.)

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It's more than jusst signing up for the account. There is an approval process- it's basically like a credit card.

Frankly, I'm with Fun Bride T- if you can't pay the cash for an eBay purchase, then don't buy it...

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Some places that have "bill me later" you have to spend a certain amount. Like Oriental Trading or Wedding Channel will allow you to be billed later if you spend over $100.
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