Biblical bridesmaids
So on say yes to the dress reruns this lady was saying she had two bridesmaids the traditional set and the bibicial ones (to light the way). anybody ever heard of this

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nope. never.

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me either. guess she had a problem with saying no to people

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I've never heard of anyone actually doing that, but it is based on a parable from Matthew 25. The bridesmaids were supposed to light the way for the bridegroom and the wedding procession/celebration to find their way to the bride's house, since the celebration usually happened at night. The parable is about the lazy bridesmaids (Christians) falling asleep and letting their torches going out, therefore not lighting the way for the bridegroom (Jesus) to the bride (the church). It seems like an odd thing to add to a wedding, though, since it was meant to tell people to stay alert for the coming of Christ...
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It comes from a parable. Apparently the bridesmaids went to get the groom. I am not sure how/why she took it to mean for her or took it as a tradition at all.

I am inclined to think she couldn't say no either.

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Emily, thank you for the explanation, I saw that episode (and her follow up where they all didn't like the dress she picked, LOL) and was like, "Say wha?"

Does sound to me like not being able to say no to people. She had like 25 girls altogether -- that's just nuts. I woulda bowed out if I was any kind of bridesmaid in that wedding. But if it worked for her, fantastic.
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Wow, she had 25 bridesmaids? I can't imagine having to wait for 25 people to walk down the aisle. A few could have bowed out and not even told her. There were so many, who would notice.
Though, you could provide small pillows for the guests as a favor. ;)

Just Reenski
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Crystal, they didn't all walk, the majority of them were standing along the aisle holding lanterns, I believe (that's what it looked like in the show) to "light the way" I suppose?

Still. I couldn't have even tried to have more than 3.
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Darn, and I really was thinking my pillows as favors idea was a good one. lol

Lady Firefly
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@ Emily, nice explanation!

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Haven't heard of it but sounds interesting. :)

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I saw that episode. I think she just wanted a huge wedding party. Did you see how many girls total she had? It was like 20!
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