Best, inexpensive place to get makeup done?
So I'm not a huge makeup person, never had it professionally long as I have my Covergirl powder makeup and a black eyeliner, I'm good. Of course the wedding day is something to make an exception for. I'm trying to save money anyway I can and figured I try to save money here. Any suggestions?

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I think you can actually go to a department store make up counter to have them do it in the seems like that would be the cheapest way to go. Just make SURE you get a trial first with that same person!!

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lauren10 is right. Most department stores will do your make up for free as long as you buy some of their product. My friend got hers done at the Channel make-up counter and only had to buy $40 in product so it was $40 to get her make up done. You could buy a face powder and black eyeliner (something you use on a regular basis anyway) and that would probably put you at or near the $40 mark!

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As the pps said, any department store. Do you have a Sephora or an Ulta by you? I had a trial done at Sephora and they did an awesome job.
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