Best Bras for wedding dress
Just wondering what are your thoughts on this? Should I pay $75 for a bra at David's Bridal or can I find a better one for a cheaper price somewhere's else. I need it to be strapless (and I need alot of support) and my dress opens in the back.

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IDK i generally feel you if you are spending that much on a bra you should go somewhere that has quality and service. most women end up wearing the wrong size bra and dont get the proper support.

if you go somewhere like victorias secret or nordstom they have employees that can size you and find the best bra from a wider selection. Additionally IMO bras from these two stores last longer, and if i'm paying 75 dollars I want my moneys worth. I just dont imagine that Davids has the same options.

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They have loads more options and a lot better prices. Their bridal selection is great!

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flattering me But I'm not using one at all...

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Victoria's Secret really doesn't have that wide a range of sizes--a department store like Nordstrom's is your best bet to get an accurate size (I've heard the VS people often missize women so that they can claim they're a size that VS carries). It's a good idea to get sized in person even if you're buying online; a LOT of women are not actually wearing the right size bra, and it makes a big difference.

Analy: Wow, that site looks awesome. Great range of sizes!

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I got mine from DB. I went to Sears and tried on their brand of Bustier and was not feeling it at all, it was cut wayyy to different from the one at DB and it just did not feel comfortable like the one I tried at DB. I wasn't going to buy the one there but it was the best fit with the dress because I didn't want to go all over town buying bras and having to take them back if they didn't work.

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On Analy's suggestion, I also went with and found a fantastic longline bra for about $55. It looks awesome and works perfectly. I would suggest, if you have the money, buying a couple of different styles, trying them on and sending back the one that doesn't work for you.

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Does your dress have a corset in the back? Cause that can help as far as support.Other wise you can try to get a bra that will be useful in other ways after the wedding (wink*) with a corset style and some lace details.
I'm considering this one :

Also,I'm not sure what you mean about your dress opening in the back? Is it a corset?If so does it have the modesty panel?
If you can explain more about your dress (or pics!!) I have done alot of bra hunting ;)

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I spent about 80 on my bra...and it was well worth it! I think the price will actually depend on your size...I wouldn't pay that kind of money if you wear an average bra size because you can find those anywhere. But if you wear a specialty size like me (34HH) I say its worth paying for a good one. I went to

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That is a link to my dress. Using fiance's computer, so I don't want to download the photos of the dress on his computer so he could maybe somehow see it. Picture 2 has the back of the dress.
I cannot really get bras from VS to ever really fit me right, even with the help of their associates. Their bras seem not to last for me. I'm gonna check out that Flattering website. I don't think there is a Nordstrom's by me.

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Also,if you know your size,Ebay is a great place to get a Davids Bridal bra cheaper...Same with the petticoat.

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Here is another site with backless/strapless bras

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I agree with Analy - I ordered from that site based on her suggestion and it was fantastic! Good prices, great selection, great service.

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I actually did not need to wear one with my dress. I have a good size chest and the boning was all I needed. When I was looking Sears actually had some very nice ones in the store for a great price.

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I got mine at davids because I needed it for a bridesmaid dress last year and I looked everywhere for a cheaper one that had the same support I didn't find anything that helped out the girls so I got it at davids for hmm 50 something? o 60 something but I've worn it with all my strapless dresses and I love it and I will wear it with my wedding dress I'd say look around if you're not too busty its not something you want to spend alot on but if you are busty the davids bridal one works really well and is very supportive

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it depends on what kind of dress you have, my dress was very supportive so i felt like my bra was a waste of money from davids bridal, but if you are at risk of falling out, that is a good choice, also if you have a dress what you can wear any kind of bra with, i would choose the biofit by victorias secret. Its about 45 dollars, but its so wonderfully comfortable, and for larger endowed people, like myself, its perfect!!!

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