Beautiful Yet affordable DMV Venue?
We are getting married in the DC, MD, VA area. We are interviewing wedding planners (5) this week and next we need to lock down an AFFORDABLE venue for approx 250 ppl. Elegance and class are we want the ceremony and reception to reflect. Thoughts?

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Once you've invited 250 guests, nothing is 'affordable' anymore.

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The venue for that many guest may be affordable but, everything else is not. Trust me we are doing it. You get into food, drinks, wedding favors, you'll need a bigger cake, etc. It's not cheap! Our venue is affordable also, it's everything that else that is killer. And we've knocked the list down as much as we could without ruining relationships with people!

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Depends on what you consider affordable? 250 guests is a lot. Food a lone would be a couple to several grand. So it depends more on what's your budget for the venue?

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Try to get as much as you can included with your venue! A friend of mine booked a venue for around 4,000 and they included food, tables and chairs, bar, etc. Also, I believe they got a discount on their invites and photography by choosing their venue. Kind of a package deal, I suppose.
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It's so hard to cull down the list! I know, everyone says that. My dad is 1 of 11 and mom is 1 of 7. My family is HUGE! This is gonna be tough. We are considering officers clubs on military bases since I'm marrying a Coastie. Fingers crossed we'll fall in love with what they have to offer.

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Check out the O Club on Bolling AFB. We thought about doing our reception there but decided against it because of the hassle of getting civilians on base for it.
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Andrews has a nice club but the food isn't wonderful. Thats the problem you will run into at military clubs- the same crappy food at almost every base, and the same basic three choices: dry chicken, tough prime rib, or flavorless fish/pasta dish. I think there is one down in Norfolk that is supposed to be really nice, though. Good luck!

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@Angelisse-My mom is one of 12 and my dad is one of 7, as well. It is so hard to cut back but if it is important for you to have your family all there, then do it! I hope that you find what you are looking for but just remember (as I so often have to remind myself) figure out what you will NOT make adjustments for and let that be your big ticket item. Be willing to give on the other things. Good luck with your search and keep us posted!

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I totally would have understood this better at first clicking on that title if it said Delmarva... or I don't know if there is some other DC-ish one. I was like, why does someone want to get married at the DMV?!? hahaha
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I checked out a really great venue in Woodbridge, VA called Harbour View events. It's on the water and has a downstairs, partially open air space for ceremonies (and a backup ballroom upstairs in case of bad weather) as well as a HUGE room upstairs for reception, cocktail hour, etc. It is super modern and elegant and can be dressed up or down, depending on your taste.

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Martin's Crosswinds...That place was nice inside
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