Beautiful wedding centerpieces
I have about 17 sets of centerpiece vases with stones and flowers (ivory, hunter green, and purple) that were used for my July 2010 wedding. The centerpieces are in excellent conditions: they include 17 12" vases, 17 10" vases, 17 7" vases and 45 votive candle holders. Each vase has clear stones in the bottom to help anchor the flowers. Candles are not included. I would love to sell them as a set but will entertain any reasonable offer.

Married: 07/31/2010
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Married: 07/31/2010
Reviews: 5
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Hey girls I have some wedding centerpieces I would like to sell if anyone is interested. I used these at my wedding and they really are the gift that keeps on giving. I paid a ton of money for them but I will consider any offer as long as it is reasonable. If you would like to see more pictures let me know =)

Married: 07/31/2010
Reviews: 5
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I forgot to post the price... $250 obo for all 17 sets

Married: 04/29/2011
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Ooh me me me! PrivAte message me your email! Where you located! Etc. I'm doing those as my center piece
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