BBQ Menu For Outdoor wedding reception
Hi everyone My FH and I are wondering has any one on WW had a BB Q reception? If so what type of food did you serve your guest and also did you serve cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake for your ceremony. thanks we're getting married in june..thanks

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Mmmm JulyBride, that sounds like our rehersal dinner... except we had pie for desert. Brisket is the best but you have to know how to cook and cut it. We did have cupcakes at our wedding though and everyone loved them. Be careful though, some charge more for cupcakes than a traditional cake.

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Hi Sharon-we're doing a BBQ outdoor reception (well, under a pavilion since weather is very unpredictable in PA). We're going to do a burger and chicken bar with different kinds of toppings-various cheeses like Monterey Jack, gouda, swiss, different sauces, etc. We'll do pasta salads and regular salads. We're trying to avoid anything with mayo. If you want, PM me and I will send the BBQ Catering menu we're using. We're doing cupcakes, but we're making them ourselves.

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We are having a outdoor BBQ reception. We are having chicken, ribs, red potatoes, green beans, garden salad, and rolls. We are having a cupcake tower with a small cake on the top tier.

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Wedding Menu
Brisket, & Sauge
Potatoe Salad, Beans, Jal. Wraps, Mac Salad,
Beans with Jal , Rice , Bread, Onions , Pickels
Tea Sweet and Unsweet, & Coffee
This is what we have Planned
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