Bathroom Baskets
Just bought two lined baskets today at Michael's for 70% off!!!
I wanted to start making a list of things to put in the baskets for the bathrooms at the reception. Does anyone have a list of what to put in them? Any pics to share?!

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One of the best lists I can find...

Antacid/Pepto Bismol
Cough drops
Moleskin (to prevent blisters)
Lens solution
Eye drops
Brush-ups (disposable "toothbrushes")
Hair spray
Clear nail polish
Aloe vera gel
Bug Repellent
Body Spray
Feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads)
Sewing kit
Nail File
Inexpensive combs
Hair elastics
Bobby pins
Safety pins
Spot remover wipes/Tide To Go pen
Lint brush
Extra earring backs
Shoe polish
Downy Wrinkle Releaser
Paper Hand Towels
Air freshener
Scented candle

Rachel W.
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This is a great idea!
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Yikes that is a LOT of stuff!!!!!

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that is definitely a good idea! luckily my venue takes care of this for the ladies bathroom already but wow that is a lot of stuff to put in one basket!

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That is a lot, but that is certainly a start! Thanks Jessica!!

@Gina - our venue provides EVERYTHING...except for the bathroom supplies lol go figure!

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OMG Jessica I don't even have all that stuff in my house! Also I just got the funniest visual of someone polishing their shoes, changing their contacts, and lighting a candle while trying to put on a condom in the washroom at our wedding. Sounds like a Ben Stiller movie. :)

Seriously, I would keep it very simple.

For the ladies:
*static spray
*fashion tape
*indiv packets of advil/tums/immodium
*hand lotion

For the gents:
*lint roller
*indiv packets of advil/tums/immodium
*hand lotion

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Holy cow Jessica that is one heck of a list! So far I'm putting in hairspray, lotion, tampons/pads, gum, tissues, and a simple clean scent body spray for the ladies rooms. The guys I figured hair gel, gum, and a clean scented body spray (something not too over powering). We have two sets of bathrooms for each gender. I might steal some of the ideas Jessica gave though! I don't hink I'd put any advil or anythng out just because we have a lot of kids coming and I'd hate for them to somehow get ahold of anything like that.

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lol- It was the most complete list I have EVER seen. I was thinking a little more simple like your list Kris...

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@Cyndi B that's a good point about kids and medicine.........

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Yea Kids are also the reason I'm keeping out mouthwash, you just never know what those little hands will get into! Our two year old climbs like a monkey so even putting it up high wouldn't make me feel safe.

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Those are great points!! I never would have thought about those things (and I have an 18 month old!!)

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This is such a great idea! Totally working on this project tomorrow.. thanks :)

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That is alot of stuff but it seems like a good idea to have stuff in the bath room.

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I agree with the deodorant idea but make sure it's spray! ;) I like the idea of a "bathroom basket"... great another thing to add to my to-do list :)
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