Bathroom Baskets.... What a cool idea!
I saw a small line in someones DIY post about Bathroom baskets for their wedding. Awesome idea!

Anyone else doing them? What are you putting in?

Since my wedding is cherry blossom themed, I thought it would be cool to add some of the Bath&Body Works cherry blossom scented stuff. Anything else?

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I will probably do them since I have Friday to decorate the venue and Sunday to clean up. For the mens bathroom I know Bath & Bodyworks has some great men scents.

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We did a bathroom basket. I put things like antacids, headache meds, a little sewing kit, spray deodorant, clear nail polish (for stocking runs), hand lotion, body spray (love your idea of cherry blossom scents!), tampons, pads, mints, a Tide pen, emory board nail files, little individual floss thingies....and probably more I'm not remembering. It's a nice little touch to pamper your guests a little. :)

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Everyone will be traveling a distance for mine, I will be doing one of these, lots of people with kids too!

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I have a question, the bath and bodyworks stuff you put in there, did anybody steal it by the end of the night?

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For Cate's wedding, I did one for both the ladies room and the men's room. I also did candles that should kill any horrid odors.

I have been to many weddings and noone has stolen anything.

My list of stuff for the ladies room:

Tylenol/Advil; Antacid/Pepto Bismol/Immodium

Bandaids/Neosporin/Blister Bandaids

Moleskin/ Fabric tape

Floss Pics;

Hair spray; Inexpensive combs; Hair elastics; Bobby pins; hair pins

Clear nail polish; nail file; Spray deodorant;

Body Spray (3 types from Bath & Body Works)

Tampons & Pads

Sewing kit & double sided tape; Safety pins

Q-tips; cotton balls; oil blotters; almay make-up sticks

Spot remover wipes; Downy Wrinkle Releaser; Lint brush; Static Guard; Febreeze


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I never thought of this! What a great idea! Do most venues allow you to do this or did everyone have to get permission?

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Carole...we had the same list! I don't know if anybody stole anything...because that's the one thing I forgot to pick up from the venue the next day. And I really liked that basket, too....used it in my classroom.... darn!

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The men's box has the following:

3 different types shoe polish; shoe laces for dress shoes; mousse; gel; combs(individually wrapped) 3 kinds of Axe Body Spray; Gold Bond Powder; Foot powder; Shout Wipes; Lint brush; Febreeze; tylenol/advil/antacid/immodium; mints and gum; hand lotion

Each of the candles has a quote from the Secret Garden.

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Dawn...I think Marie or Hayley posted a list. Mine wasn't original that's for sure. : )

There is also a saying that Marie shared:

Today is a special day!
But should something happen to go astray,
Please help yourself to the contents within:
hair spray, hand lotion, and even aspirin!
Use only what you need and leave the rest,
it may also be useful for another guest.
So repair the damage that may have been done,
then hurry on back and join in the fun!

- compliments of the Newlyweds -

And the poem for the men...

If you've stained your tie, your hair is out of place,
You've got bad breath or whatever the case,
We've put together a basket to help you along,
Now hurry back before you miss the next song!

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Totally cute! Im going to have to make one of these!

But since we're having a BBQ wedding, I foresee a lot of wetwipes and tide sticks!

Cynthia B
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I love this idea. I hadn't really thought about it, but it seems like a nice thing to do.... Question though...

We have an out door venue, my parents back 4 acres of prairie land, so we are having to rent port-a-potties (as the house is a long walk and there is only 2 bathrooms in the house and 125 guests on our guest list), anyone have ideas on where I would put them? (On a table next to the port-a-potties maybe?)

Or maybe on a back table inside the wedding reception tent that would be on the way out to the port-a-potties? What do you think?

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Since you're planning it outside, & we're assuming good weather, I would put out a small table between the port-a-potties. I think that would be a great treat, especially since some people dont like those things. (Weirdos.... if you gotta go, you gotta go!)

Hayley C™
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DO NOT have any types of medicine or pills in the box if you are having any children at the wedding.

One of our ww-brides had quite a scare when her child took some pills and had to be rushed to the hospital.

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Very good point! Thanks Hayley because Im not a mom and dont think like that yet.

But Im pretty sure my folks are bringing their RV, so we can have aspirin or something in the camper if needed.

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I plan on decorating the bathrooms because the venue is rented to me for 3 days and it's a lodge. No staff. If your venue was a hotel or something I imagine it would be different.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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I'm not using a basket, I'm using a big silver tray like you would have seen on an old hollywood movie stars dresser.
I have everything Carole posted plus the following:
Black Sharpie
White Out
Super Glue
Earring Backs
And a shoe shine kit for the guys

All the little do-dads I put in blinged out votive candles and small vases

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I will be doing these as well. Our venue is a State Park and while the bathrooms are indoors, they lack all the luxary stuff in a typical bathroom such a soap and comfy tp! lol We will be doing our own brand of tp...Love my cottonelle! Will be adding travel size hair spray, hand sanitizer, clear coat nail polish for runs in the hose, antacids, tylenol, advil, etc...Colgate Wisps, nail files, tweezers, nail clippers, maybe some feminine hygeine items. I found a cute poem that we are going to frame and place next to the basket.

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My FIRST thought was the pills. We don't have kids and kids are not going to be at our wedding but our venue staggers wedding times by 3 hrs and have LOADS of staff and I would be terrified if they did have kids and something happened.
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