Bartender question...need help!
So we have decided that we would like to serve champaigne and beer only at our wedding reception. So anyways, we are going to buy the drinks, but I want to hire a licensed bartender to serve the alcohol and like check for ages and determine when people have had enough and stuff. So my question is, where can I find a bartender that I can hire hourly just to serve? I'm looking online, but having a hard time. I've never hired one before so I have no idea what I'm doing.

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In Texas bartenders, or anyone who serves alcohol has to be TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) certified. My mom even got certified to work at a couple of fundraisers when I was in high school for our band. Anyone can be certified (unless you are a felon i think??) and it only takes a couple hours to do.

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Oh, also check with your vendor they may know of a place you can contact that will have bartenders for hire.

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Jan 30, 2011 at 5:01 PM • Flag As Inappropriate thats is where I found my Caricaturist artist.

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Can the venue provide you with one?? If not check bartender schools they'll probably charge you less.

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Also check your local yellowpages and look @ bartending schools, and get referrals from there!

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Are you allowed to bring your own liquor? If so are you doing just champagne or sparkling wine as well?

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Thanks everyone...I had no clue where to start looking.

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@ Edwina,Yes, we are allowed to bring our own, but we don't wanna go to crazy with drinks so we just thought the champaigne and beer would be ok. We don't wanna spend too much on alcohol...

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I'd hit up the local pub or bar and ask if any of their bartenders were interested in contracting out for an evening. That way you know they're certified because they have to be to work in a place like that.

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Thanks Rachel, good idea...

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Check with your venue coordinator. They should have some suggestions and may have their own bartenders that you could hire.

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Contact your loccal bartending school. Price is pretty god, and they always try a little harder to do a good job!

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like the other ladies suggested, check with your vendor. we're doing a cash bar for alcohol, our venue provided the bartender, we only paid $100

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If your not having mixed drinks, I'd just find someone with a TABC license. I have noOoOo bartending experience but have served wine, and bear at many functions. Ask your caterer if they know of anyone. This is all under the pretense that your venue allows you to provide outside staff.

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Ok, so the venue does allow outside staff. They do not provide bartenders or servers. I already have a caterer, but he keeps trying to promote this bartender to me that he usually works with. But he's pushing the whole bar set up and mixed drinks and all. I just don't want ALL that. We decided to at least do champaigne and beer because we do want people to loosen up and have a good time. I think that's all we need is someone with that tabc license, but I wasn't sure where to find someone. I think I will check out some local bartending schools...
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