Bare legs or pantyhose/
Ok, gals..I need your advice. I'm getting married outdoors, in a very intimate ceremony with immediate family only and my FH's kids and my kids as our bridal party. My dress is short, below the knee. It's chiffon and flowy...if I have a great tan and it's the end of August, is it acceptable to go bare legged? Same for my bridesmaids? Or would that be tabu?

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It's an August wedding? Go bare legged! Definitely!

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I agree, summer wedding, nice tan... show it off!! =)

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go bare! PAntyhose are such a hassle and I just dont think they have a place in the summer I hardly think they havea place in any season haha but thats just me.

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I say do bare legs!

I've actually argued with my BM's about this. I'm also wearing a short (tea length) dress and getting married at the end of July. The girls are insistent that I should wear stockings. I'll admit that I don't tan well, but honestly, who's going to be looking at the few inches (I'm really short!) of leg that will be showing?! I said I'd be willing to do a spray tan, and another friend told me about "Air Stockings" which she saw on Oprah. This is one thing that I'm going to have to insist on - no stockings! I hate them, and although I will wear heels for the ceremony, I fully intend to slip them off and go barefoot or sandals for the reception. There's no way I'm going to deal with stockings!

I told my FH about all this and he said if I was going to wear stockings, he wanted them to be thigh-highs with garters. Maybe I'll get those for the honeymoon instead. ;-)

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go bare esp in august.

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Well, it's an overwhelming vote for bare legs so I am a happy bride to be!
I really hate stockings and haven't worn them for ages. Thanks for the advice!

What are "air stockings"???

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I had never heard about Air Stockings either, but my friend says Oprah recommends it. I never watch Oprah, so I wouldn't know. I had to Google it, and found out that it's a spray on stuff that makes your legs look like you are wearing stockings. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't really say much more about it, but I think I might get some and try it before the wedding to see how well it works. It might be worthwhile for my wedding day to have nice looking legs without having to wear stockings!
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Depends on your legs.

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I don't wear pantyhose at any time of the year and I don't see why you or your BM should either. Show off those sexy legs girl!

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LOL...Pete the photographer says it depends on your legs. Figures the only guy to post a comment would say that!

My legs are are one of the few features on my body that I DO like, so I just think I'm gonna flaunt em and go bare!

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