Bamboo Canopy Help!!
I live in North Carolina, but i am having my wedding in Florida this November. I want a bamboo canopy(chuppah) for our beach wedding. I have searched online everywhere all day. Does anyone know where I can rent or buy one at a reasonable price? Thanks.

p.s. the picture is the size I'm looking for.

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thanks for the link. i know how to make one, but the problem is buying the bamboo poles. I researched all day and have found outrageous prices for 8 bamboo poles. Thats why i would prefer to rent one id possible. But thanks again for trying to help me.

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It looks like these people have a bamboo chuppah for rent. However, I'm not sure whether there are fabric choices other than the one illustrated.
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If you're coming to the west coast of Fla., check out for arch rentals.

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I actually bought the bamboo polls at Michaels (the craft store) they were a lot cheeper then I thought and my FH is putting it together for me much cheeper then renting!

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I suggest trying to contact places such as this and asking about renting theirs or where there might be a rental place that has one.

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I love the idea! Can anyone tell me how much (round-about) this has cost to make it yourself?

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It has only cost me thus far about $30 for the poles I am only doing fabric like the picture above then maybe a few flowers I don't expect it will be over $60-$80.

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Oh that sounds amazing! I was going to rent a chuppah for mine but it had a lot more fabric and I think it looked too bulky but that's the only thing they had and it was going to cost me 350 dollars just to rent it, not including set up! this is so much closer to what I wanted except for the pots it is supported by. How do you plan on keeping it upright? thanks again!

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Thanks everyone for trying to help me. Hopefully I can find the poles to make one, or find a place to rent one cheap in Florida. Any more advice and help is welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys.

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Just a word of caution - If you build one yourself, you need to be very careful about how you secure it into the ground. It can get very windy on the beach, and when you attach fabric it can become a huge sail and blow over.
We offer an 8 x 8 bamboo canopy as a two pole bamboo arch as add-ons to our beach wedding packages. Both have custom-made steel bases that we bury in the sand to keep them from blowing over. You can see some pictures at
I hope that helps! Good luck with your wedding planning!

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Here is place they have nice and cheap bamboo canopies.
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