Bad dreams!!! Is it just me?
Ok so my wedding is in less that a month. All of a sudden I am having nightmares about my wedding day. For instance last nite I had a dream that at our reception our dj sucked so bad that we didnt get our first dance no toasts ect then it was the end of the nite and nothing fun and traditional had happened. Corny I know but I wake up like the dream was real and I am panicing. Just wanted to see if anyone else has wierd dreams pertaining to their upcoming wedding?

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I know my wedding is a long way away, but I've had 3 nightmares (that is what a bad dream is, isn't? lol) that I was the only one to show up for my wedding. No one else showed. After the 3rd one, my fiancee called it creepy.
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Dreams like this mean that your uncomfortable with a certain vendor or your just over excited.

Dont worry, wedding i shoot never in my life were so horrible as your dream

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NO, its not just you. Just the other night I woke up from my first wedding nightmare and it was a really bad one. All I can remember is that everything was so unorganized until I was in tears before the ceremony even started. I woke up at exactly 4:03 a.m. and had to laugh to keep from crying. Even though my wedding is just about a year away, I still find myself wondering how or why this happened.

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NORMAL!!!! I have has many recently!!! Wrong man at the alter (an ex who def. should NOT be there) Wonrg Country, no mom, no dress, wrong time and my hair and makeup aern't done... etc. etc expect more!

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Not that I am happy that others are having similar dreams but I kinda feel better that im not the only one. Hope the dreams all go away for all of us soon and happy ones come.

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I was having dreams last month and my wedding isn't til October. lol I had dreams the photographer didn't show and people didn't come. SMH....with a month away...I would say its normal.

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My dreams have been wacky too, since I started planning, and my wedding is a year away. I think its just all that anxiety from planning.

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I've had at least 4! It usually happens after I have been doing a lot of planning the previous day or have spent too long on weddingwire reading other brides' questions and horror stories... I've never really worried about it, it kind of just gets me excited because even though things are going wrong it still gets to be my wedding day! (Which I've been waiting for for a year!)

Mine so far have been that I was marrying someone whose face I couldn't see and I was really nervous because we'd never met.

I've had 2 where nothing was ready and all of my bridesmaids were doing their own hair and makeup and refused to help me do mine and it kept getting later and later and it was almost 8pm and still no one would help me!

And my most recent was I was marrying an ex and the processional order got messed up and I had to sneak out of the chapel before he saw me but he saw me and we had to restart the whole ceremony! (On the previous day my fiance and I had had dinner with my ex and his wife)

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My whole life I've always had dreams that I'm lost or late for something...high school and college classes, gymnastics meets, my first day at a new job...and now my wedding! I dream that I'm running so behind and just can't seem to get everything together...keeping my guests waiting for over 4 hours because I still don't have my hair and makeup done or the dress on! In another dream, we were at the wedding, and I was wearing shorts and there was no food or music.

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I think this is completly normal! My wedding is still over a year away and I've been having nightmares. Someone previously posted saying that it typically happens after a big day of planning, or spent on WeddingWire and I definatly agree!

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OMG! I thought it was just me being neurotic!!! Not that I'm glad anyone else is suffering from pre-wedding night terrors, not fun at all.
I was having 2-5 a week, talk about being exhausted on top of the stress of planning. I have found that if I tell myself every night that there is no snafuu that is going to happen that can't be delt with. You have to choose your battles. Something is going to go wrong and I cant control it. What I can do is choose how to deal with it.
9 days to go and no nightmares in two weeks!

good luck

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So funny, I am also glad I am not the only one… I also have the one the photographer did not showed up, the one the hair and make is not done… I have also dreamed I was late… the place was a mess… and so on…
I also think it is just extra excitement… after all, I day dream about the wedding the whole day… why I would not dream about during the night… lol
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