A Backwards Wedding--Idea
As far as I can see, everyone does their weddings in the following order:

To be a little unique, I've thought up an ingenious plan to be special. The FH and I (plus the wedding party and the important family members) are going to do wedding pictures early in the day (around 1 p.m.), then have the reception (food, and limited alcohol consumption), and then have our ceremony at midnight. I mean, we'll start the ceremony earlier than midnight so that we are pronounced man and wife at exactly 12:01.
I thought this up because the date I picked falls on a Sunday in 2014 and I want people to be able to enjoy the party part without having to worry about working the next morning.
What do y'all think? Give me your input!!!!

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Just Reenski
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Do you mean your whole wedding day would be on a Sunday and end at 12:01AM on a Monday morning?

Lucky me
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It's different but I think the reception part everyone is excited because they are celebrating the newlyweds. That may be a little weird if your not actually wed yet. It's up to you, personally I think it may take away frmt hose sentimental moments at receptions.

Also keep in mind that not everyone (elders) can last that long, so they miss the ceremony.

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@ The Reenski: Nope. It'll start on a Saturday and end on Sunday at 12:01
@ Rebecca: I totally understand where you're coming from. But we don't really have that many older family members....and I say this with a kind manner because if any of them read this I'd get shot for calling them old.....the oldest member that'll be there is like....65. And she stays up later than I do lol.

My mom's big thing was that no one would be able to take pictures in the dark

Just Reenski
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Okay, in that case, it could be interesting, it could work. I'll agree with your mom about pictures/video of the ceremony itself. But otherwise, many receptions would go until midnight (or close to it), so if this is what ya'll wanna do, go for it!

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a lot of the things done at the reception (other than eating or drinking) will not mean the same things that they would after you're married (garter, bouquet, even cake cutting/feeding) first dance as a married couple etc. . .
Yes, it is YOUR wedding. But be prepared to catch hell from all sides regardless, people will tell you what they really think whether you want them to or not.

Amy A.
Married: 08/31/2013
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I personally don't like the idea. I agree with Amy V.
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I wouldn't have a problem with officiating at midnight, but you might have a hard time finding an officiant.

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Word of advice, I was exhausted by midnight at my wedding. We only had a small wedding and didn't do all of the traditional things, but it's an incredibly emotional day (actually, the entire week before was very emotional too!) and the pictures (for me at least) were exhausting! It was nice after the ceremony and photos to just totally let loose (not worry about my hair, my makeup).

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I don't like the idea either. Regardless of age, people leave weddings early. You will be tired at that point too.

If you spend your evening eating, drinking and dancing, you will be sweaty, your makeup will begin to look not-so-nice, your hair will start falling, somebody can spill something on your dress....

There's a lot of pressure to look and be your best for the ceremony. Part of the reception is the ability to kick back and relax. Doing it backwards honestly sounds like a bad idea to me.

* Gin
Married: 04/27/2013
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You can't plan for the unexpected. Especially if all of your guest are on the younger side, the party could get wilder and from a photo point of view, you wouldn't have much light if any for pictures of your ceremony. Are pictures important to you? It sounds to me that your more concerned with being pronounced on the particular day (sunday) that you are sacrificing a lot to do so. I think it's a neat idea, but not one O would personally recommend.

Married: 10/27/2012
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Not crazy about the idea either. No matter how you slice or dice it that's 11 hours of waiting until you actually get married. I think everyone is going to be exhausted at that point and maybe even cranky. I am one to stay up late but not after 11 hours of celebrating.

Just Reenski
Married: 2+ years ago
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Just throwing out an idea if the Sunday thing is your biggest concern (since I don't feel one way or the other for your idea), but you could always have a Sunday brunch wedding to be married on that day, possibly save some money that way, too.

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I have to get up at 4am to do hair and makeup because FH wants to "get it done" and relax =) I understand where he is coming from...I don't want to be nervous all day either!

Your idea is unique but the pp's have valid points...

Married: 03/17/2013
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We are having our wedding on a Sunday and plan on partying into the night. If you want that day, just do it. But I don't think I would do a midnight ceremony after partying all night. The ceremony is the most important part, and you'll want to be awake and in to it, not exhausted and ready to just get it over with.

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nope....don't like it for all the reasons listed above.

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Thanks for all of the input! I really appreciate it!

@ The Reenski: It's my late fathers birthday...which is why I want that day. Glad someone saw that I thought it was an important day for me!

Married: 09/13/2013
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Could you possibly do a destination wedding?

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I have to join those thinking that this is not the best idea. As others have said, you will have guests come to the reception and actually leave before the ceremony. Also, as others have said, after so many hours, you will be exhausted by the time 12:01 comes around.

I think you should hold the entire event on Sunday. You ca still do your photos before the ceremony (many people do that), then do your ceremony and reception.

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I appreciate your creativity..but based on the same reasons the WW'ers are offering..I don't think it would be a great idea.
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