Bachelorette-Glow Run Tulsa! Pix!!
Just had to share. My Bridesmaids and I did the 5k (about3miles)Glow Run in Tulsa over the weekend getting my bachelorette party started a bit early. We had a blast! I am so proud of these girls it was 2 of them, their 1st run ever and the other it was her 2nd. Best friends ever!
Pic1 me after Pic2is the girls before and Pic3 is us after!

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That looks fun, congrats!

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what a fun idea for a bach party!!! I never heard of a glow run but it looks like it was a blast! congrats!

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This is an awesome idea :) Looks like you guys had to much fun.

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What a unique way to start off a Bach party! Great idea!

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AWESOME idea @Courtney!!! Definitely a great and supportive group of friends :)

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Awesome!! I love to run, and I might do something like that with my girls:) Glad you had fun!

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Congrats!!! Looks fuN!

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I never heard of this, glow run, gotta fill me in?? What is it? Whatever it is looks like you had a blasts.

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@ La-Kia D. The glow run is a 5k all in the dark run afterwards they have a DJ, it's just a big party! We were decked out in glow sticks and glow bracelets, we signed up as a team so it was cheaper and we were TEAM BRIDE! We had so much fun!
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