Baby's Breath Centerpieces - Help with Cost
Has anyone actually done all babys breath centerpieces? If so how much did they cost. Im thinking tall centerpieces with a big dreamy mound of baby's breath. Everything i read about them is saying that are fairly inexpensive. I just have no clude how many stems. I would imagine they need quite a few and that can not possibly be inexpensive
im having a winter wedding so i think this are the perfect fowers,,,,

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I am doing babys breath bouquets for my BMs and they were fairly inexpensive. I love the way they will look so natural. They are wearing brown dresses so the creamy color of babys breath will look perfect!

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I would go buy some bahy's breath and make a "mock" centerpiece. Thats what I did when I first started planning and after that I ordered it in bulk. Good luck!!

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I was going to do them because they can look very elegant and they are very inexpensive being that they are "filler" flowers. However, the smell is what deterred me. They have a strong smell when there are a lot of them and I didn't want that to overpower the room.

It depends on how much you want to make up the centerpiece. I know that bouquets cost around $25 each

Here's a site that might help:

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You could also add a wax flower that looks very similar to babys breath to add a sweet smell to the arrangement, that's what my florist is doing.

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I went to a wedding with baby's breath centerpieces and it looked beautiful!!!!!!!! I am thinking of doing them too, very elegant looking.

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I'm seriously thinking of doing this...but one florist tried to quote me $100 for a tall one...and just for the flowers and not the vase! Does anyone have any quotes they've received for this?
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